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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Trip back to KSDS

Boy what a weekend !  The week was kind of boring only one outing but we took a big trip back to Washington, Kansas for KSDS's Spring Graduation leaving Friday afternoon and coming back on Saturday evening.  Let me tell you about my adventures -

It started out on Thursday afternoon with a shower.  Mom said I had to leave my smells I like soooo much out here on the farmstead here and not on my fur.   Mom and I both got in our birthday suits and took a shower.  I asked her how come she didn't take a picture of herself in her birthday suit and only me and she said it was because I still have fur on when I am in my birthday suit.  I wasn't to pleased about the whole shower thing !  It was my first one.   
After we took our shower we headed out to our nail places.  I went first and had my toes trimmed then Mom went and had hers done.   Since it was a cool day I got to stay in the back of the Ford and chew on the special bone Mom bought for me.  I got to pick it out at Petsmart - My toe and nail place before we left.  I really don't like the smell of Mom's nail place and last time when I was there I kept getting up and walking around and made Mom mess up her nails.  We were kind of in a hurry so it worked out for the both of us.

Friday was the BIG day.  Mom went for her run at the lake we are moving back to then we packed our bags.  I watched carefully to make sure Mom got my food and all of my treats.  She packed her bag and after I had my pink pill we took off for our three hour drive to KSDS.  I was hoping to impress Mom and leave my breakfast in my tummy but things didn't work out that way. 

When we arrived Friday evening we stopped at KSDS and saw Larry along with the staff in the administrative offices then went and saw Letha and Deb over at the training center.  Mom and I were going to stay at a local hotel but Letha said we could stay with her and her husband and three dogs at their house.  My first sleep over !!!  After we settled in Mom and I went out to have dinner.   There wasn't any other KSDS people there so Mom ate alone but when we were leaving DeAnna and her Mom and Ferrari  were in the parking lot so we went back in and sat with them while they ate.   After dinner the rain had stopped so we headed over to the dog park and played for a bit before heading out for the sleep over.


Letha was sooo nice to us along with her hubby and her four legged kids.  They set up a bed for Mom and one for me.  We stayed in the basement and Mom said she had the best sleep she has had in days. I on the other hand was not to excited about my accommodations and made it kind of clear to Mom several times during the night.   I thought in a sleep over you got to sleep together not in two separate beds however, it was a deluxe kennel. 

Saturday morning we all got up and the grown ups had some coffee.  I had breakfast at Letha's house then we headed out for the graduation.  When we arrived there were some people and four legged friends there but they kept coming and kept coming till the training building was almost  FULL !   I saw one of my sisters - Miami but we really didn't get to play because this was business time.  There were soooooooo many puppies and dogs there that we had to sit kind of in the back for graduation so I couldn't see to much.  Mom tried to snap a picture but it was hard.

After graduation lunch was served.  I thought it was lunch time for me too and I kept trying to sneak a bite from the buffet table when Mom was trying to get a plate so Miami's Mom took me so Mom could fill her plate.  After Mom was finished eating we walked around visiting with everyone.  We met people we had come to know through the KSDS web site and blogs other puppy raisers do.   Mom and I got to meet a special friend who we have come to know through face book -  She was sooo nice and friendly.

                                 Her name was Anna !

We also met a couple who came to the graduation who have applied for a service dog.

After everyone visited for a while it was time to walk over to the new duplexes for the dedication.  There were lots of new people there that were not at the graduation.  I think they were some of the people who built them or donated money so they could be built.  Mom and I took a tour with the others who were there before going to the training center.  More treats but not for me.  I only got my pink pill for the drive home.  Glad to report that on the way home everything stayed in my tummy !

Dad was not home when we got home so Mom, Ruthie and I took a short nap then we unpacked.  Did some scanning with Dad out on the farmstead when he got home.  Today was hoping to spend time outside with Dad doing chores but it is misty outside and trying to rain.  Mom said it is a good day to stay in and bake cookies. 

                            I LOVE All of my Friends at KSDS !!

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