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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Home for Thanksgiving

Before Thanksgiving Mom and Dad along with my two legged sister Meghann went to see the HUSKERS play football in Lincoln.  Ruthie and I stayed at home. However, it was OK since Dad loaded us up with special treats in the mud room.  They sure kept us busy till they got back home.    Before the game Mom and Dad met up with Aunna - my other two legged sister.  We saw her again after the game but Mom being sooo thoughtful of us said they had to get home so we could have dinner and a break outside. 

That fluffy white stuff mom calls snow showed up here again.  Sometimes there is lots and lots of it but this time it was just enough to make the ground turn white.  Ruthie and I played and
rolled around in it during our weekend walks.  Dad tried to put a hat on me so I would stay warmer but I was not to exited about it and it came off pretty quickly.  Mom thought Ruthie and I should wear our winter coats but Dad said it wasn't cold enough yet.  There was another HUSKER game on TV but everyone stayed home to watch it this time. 

Next, Mom went to the Beauty Shop and had her hair and nails done then a few days later Ruthie and I went to the Beauty Shop to get our hair and nails done.

 Mom found a new place for Ruthie and I that was closer to home so we were all a little nervous going for the first time.  Everything was GREAT except our tails really were shaved.  Mom said we look more like Labs right now -  No offense to Labs but I am a Golden.  Mom will talk to them about it next time.

The week before Thanksgiving Mom went to the grocery store and bought soooooo many groceries that it took Mom and Dad about an hour and a half to put everything away.  Mom was gone for three hours shopping then when she got home Dad brought everything in for her.  We only got our regular dog treats - Was hoping for some special ones for the Holidays ?

After Ruthie and I went to the beauty shop Mom CLEANED house.  Mom was waiting till we went because she was hoping most of our shedding dog hair would stay there instead of on the wood floors.  I heard one of the groomers say that they combed about another dog out of Ruthie.  I was holding on to my hair! 

The night before Thanksgiving my two legged sister Meghann came over and spent the night.  I heard
the plan was to make all of the Thanksgiving dishes the night before but all they did was set the table.  It sure did look pretty. I was kind of upset that evening because Dad let Ruthie sleep with Meghann while all I got was the old cat Baby and I still had to say in my mudroom bedroom.  Ruthie always gets to do more then I do but Mom says when I finally settle down and act more like an adult and not a teenager I will get to do special things too.

Thanksgiving day started out with Mom in the kitchen making food that smelled soooo wonderful.  Ruthie and I stayed close to her because every now and then something fell on the floor.  After Mom was done Dad started on a thing he called a turkey.  It was a big bald bird.  He put it in a bag then in a big pan then into the oven.  After about an hour Mom said the house smelled like Thanksgiving.  Not sure what that means but it did smell nice. 

Right before Mom and Dad's guests arrived Dad and Meghann took Ruthie and I for a walk.  Dad said he wanted us tuckered out so when guests arrived we would not pester them.  Well, that was not the case so Ruthie and I had to spend some time out on the deck while everyone was arriving.  Dad had a long talk with us and we agreed to settle down and got to come in.  There were lots of people there and everyone was busy talking and really did not pay any attention to us.  Ruthie was Ok with this but I decided I wanted to be the center of attention which put me on the outside again. After another talk with Dad I got to come back in and this time I listened to what Dad said and all was good.

Thanksgiving Day at the Schense House

This Thanksgiving we were missing two very special family members.  Dad's Dad Bob Sr. and Mom's Dad Ed.  We saved a place for them and lit a candle to show them the way from Heaven to come and spend the day with us.

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everyday Life as a Released Puppy

Boy - It sure feels like WINTER has arrived.  Ruthie and I could see our breath this morning when Dad let us out before breakfast.  I heard on TV that it was in the teens.  Mom was all wrapped up when she went out for her run.  With all of the clothes on it didn't even look like her.

I have been styling lately.  Mom bought some new booties for
Ruthie and I to wear around the house.  They are purple.  I also have some pink ones too.  I heard Mom say Ruthie really doesn't need to wear them just me since I have issues with wood floors and slip - sliding away.  I must admit the boots help but as I am getting older I kind of have gotten use to the floors and they don't bother me as much.  Don't want to tell Mom though since I like to be styling around the house.

October is Halloween.  Ruthie and I helped Mom put out the scary decorations on October 31.  Started in the morning and it took us till late afternoon to get everything up.  We did take a break to go for a walk since it was such a nice fall day.  However, Halloween night didn't go as planned.  Dad was not able to be here because he had to stay at the Court House in Lincoln waiting for a verdict in his trial.   The jury didn't come back till late in the afternoon and Dad still had to drive back home to Omaha.  Mom tried at first to give out treats to the trick or treating kids and Jell-O shots to trick or treating adults but Ruthie and I tried too hard to assist so we had to go to the mud room.  Mom told us she was afraid we would get out and get scared and run away.  I would never do that and if Mom understood puppy talk we would have told her so.

Watching Mom putting the last minute decorations up before it got dark.  Can you see us in the door ?

On Sunday we went for our morning walk around the lake but kind of wish we would have put on coats like Mom and Dad.  The sun was out but the air was cold.  Later in the day Mom and Dad went out on the boat for a quick spin trying to burn up gas in the engine.  They took the boat out of the water and put it in a BIG storage garage.  Mom said it will be back next summer. 

KSDS Guide/Service Inc. had their annual Pup Days for Mommies and Daddies who are puppy raising for them.  Released puppies and their families can go too !!  There was much FUN had by ALL !!!


Learning what it is like to work with a puppy blind.

NEW Puppy just starting out on his adventure growing up to be a Guide/Service Dog !

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a Dog's Life

Good Morning -
Fall is here off and on - Ruthie, me and my Mom have gone on more walks than usual.  Mom keeps saying it will get cold and snowy soon so we need to take advantage of the warm fall days.  Mom was not to happy though when Ruthie and I decided we still wanted to swim in the lake on a few of those walks and ignored her "YELLING" to us to come/stay.  We had to spend time out on the deck drying off but it was sooooo nice and warm with the sun shining down on us. 

We celebrated birthdays this Month.  Both of my two legged sisters have birthdays in October.  Aunna and Meghann came over and went out on the boat with Mom and Dad.  It was a beautiful warm fall day and they were out for about two hours.  When they came back in Mom made her spaghetti dinner for everyone but we still only got our regular dog food  :(   After dinner Mom brought out a carrot cake but it didn't look anything like a carrot. 

It was time for me to go for my yearly physical this month.  Ruthie came along for support.  She told me she had hers about a month ago.  I was kind of overly excited and was jumping up on everyone which Mom was not to happy about.  The Vet was really nice - He was a new one to the clinic.  He saw in my records I attended KSDS Inc. and asked Mom lots of questions about service puppies.  While he was talking to Mom he snuck in a shot.  After that both Ruthie and I had our nails done.  Seemed weird to have them done there since we usually go to Petsmart.  I am proud to say I did not get car sick but unfortunately something from the other end was deposited in the back of the Ford.  Mom had to roll down the windows. 

Mom and Dad have started cleaning up and putting things away outside getting ready for winter.   All of the toys and fun stuff on the beach are gone but Dad is holding out on winterizing the boat.  He likes fall boat rides.   Maybe Ruthie and I will get to go on one ??  Mom picked a bunch of green round things and made this green stuff on the stove called salsa.   It smelled icky for a while when it was cooking on the stove.  

Mom also made some nice smelling things.  Her friend Jane gave Mom two big bins of home grown apples.  When Mom was pealing them a couple of times apple cores fell on the floor and Ruthie and I would assist and clean them up.  Mom made apple sauce, apple butter, apple chutney and apple cider.  Mom said one of the ciders is for Halloween.  Mom and Dad will have some with a shot in it while waiting for the kids for Trick or Treat.  I asked Mom if Ruthie and I will get some and she said Ruthie is old enough but I am only 14 and you have to be 21 before you can have special drinks.  Mom said next year I will be old enough. Ruthie always gets to do things before me but I guess that is OK - she is my big sister.

It was BIG RED HUSKER FOOTBALL again this weekend.  Mom and Dad put on their RED sweatshirts before we went out for our weekend walk on Saturday.  We had to head out early since the HUSKER Game started at 11:00.  Mom and Dad put out Little Red and we took a picture with him before our walk.  He didn't bring much LUCK though and as soon as the game was over Dad took him down. 

 After the game Mom and Dad went for a boat ride.  I heard them talking about the beautiful fall colors out on the water.  Dad said he loves this time of the year.   

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It turned Summer again in Nebaska

I thought Mom said it was Fall and it sure was starting to smell and look like it but we have been doing some summer things.  We have been going on extra walks with Mom because it has been in the 80s and she said our time going out and swimming will be coming to an end soon.
Up - Up &

Away !!!!

Retrieving the stick

Ruthie swimming
 Mom and Dad went boating this week.  I heard her say it is October 1st and in the 80s.  Nothing like Nebraska weather ??  Dad had to add some gas because they were letting it run low before winterizing it.  Ruthie and I had to watch from the back deck. 

 Mom decorated outside this week with a whole bunch of stuff that looked orange.  Ruthie and I got to hang out with her for awhile then after I chased a squirrel down the road we had to go in.  Ruthie told me this would happen but chasing the squirrel was just too tempting.  Never did catch him. 

 Mom and Dad went to a BIG RED FOOTBALL game !!  Last year Ruthie and I had to have a babysitter while they were gone but this year Mom said we were grown up enough to stay by ourselves.  Mom put our beds and extra toys in the mud room along with a toy that we had to push around and try and get treats out of it.  They left when it was light outside and got home when it was dark so they were gone a long time.  Mom and Dad took the Little Red guy who usually stays in our front yard during the game to Lincoln with them.  I wish we could have gone too!!

Yesterday we had to get up and going bright and early.  Dad said we needed to be out on our walk so we could be home before the HUSKERS played.  It seems like everything revolves around football on game day.  It wasn't in the 80s anymore but still a nice day.  Windy though.  We didn't get to swim because Dad wanted to get back to the house.  When we got back Dad had a talk with us about not bothering him during the game and we shook on it.  We got a nice treat after the game.  Don't know if it was becuse we behaved ourselves or becuse the HUSKERS won !

I need to tell you about two exciting things from my Alma Mater KSDS Guide/Service College.  First a new litter of puppies went out to some veteran puppy raisers and a few new puppy raisers.   These newbies will be the class of 2015.  I remember the day I met my Mommy.  It is a fun but scary time.  Everything in your world drastically changes but puppy raisers Mommies/Daddies are sooooo understanding and loving that we forget about living with our four legged sisters and brothers. 

Photo: Introducing... doot doot do dooo....the "Royal Litter" and their new puppy raisers. From left to right: Duchess, Winchester, Tiara, King, Duke, Prince, Jester, Bedford and Berkeley!
The "Royal Litter" and their new puppy raisers. From left to right: Duchess, Winchester, Tiara, King, Duke, Prince, Jester, Bedford and Berkeley! 
 Next - Fall Graduation at KSDS Inc. was this Saturday. 
Service Class 2013 working on distractions. The pup says "seriously I can't even sniff it"!.
 Everyone is doing GREAT!!!!!

Photo: Service Class 2013 working on distractions. The pup says "seriously I can't even sniff it"!. Everyone is doing GREAT!!!!!