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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Home for Thanksgiving

Before Thanksgiving Mom and Dad along with my two legged sister Meghann went to see the HUSKERS play football in Lincoln.  Ruthie and I stayed at home. However, it was OK since Dad loaded us up with special treats in the mud room.  They sure kept us busy till they got back home.    Before the game Mom and Dad met up with Aunna - my other two legged sister.  We saw her again after the game but Mom being sooo thoughtful of us said they had to get home so we could have dinner and a break outside. 

That fluffy white stuff mom calls snow showed up here again.  Sometimes there is lots and lots of it but this time it was just enough to make the ground turn white.  Ruthie and I played and
rolled around in it during our weekend walks.  Dad tried to put a hat on me so I would stay warmer but I was not to exited about it and it came off pretty quickly.  Mom thought Ruthie and I should wear our winter coats but Dad said it wasn't cold enough yet.  There was another HUSKER game on TV but everyone stayed home to watch it this time. 

Next, Mom went to the Beauty Shop and had her hair and nails done then a few days later Ruthie and I went to the Beauty Shop to get our hair and nails done.

 Mom found a new place for Ruthie and I that was closer to home so we were all a little nervous going for the first time.  Everything was GREAT except our tails really were shaved.  Mom said we look more like Labs right now -  No offense to Labs but I am a Golden.  Mom will talk to them about it next time.

The week before Thanksgiving Mom went to the grocery store and bought soooooo many groceries that it took Mom and Dad about an hour and a half to put everything away.  Mom was gone for three hours shopping then when she got home Dad brought everything in for her.  We only got our regular dog treats - Was hoping for some special ones for the Holidays ?

After Ruthie and I went to the beauty shop Mom CLEANED house.  Mom was waiting till we went because she was hoping most of our shedding dog hair would stay there instead of on the wood floors.  I heard one of the groomers say that they combed about another dog out of Ruthie.  I was holding on to my hair! 

The night before Thanksgiving my two legged sister Meghann came over and spent the night.  I heard
the plan was to make all of the Thanksgiving dishes the night before but all they did was set the table.  It sure did look pretty. I was kind of upset that evening because Dad let Ruthie sleep with Meghann while all I got was the old cat Baby and I still had to say in my mudroom bedroom.  Ruthie always gets to do more then I do but Mom says when I finally settle down and act more like an adult and not a teenager I will get to do special things too.

Thanksgiving day started out with Mom in the kitchen making food that smelled soooo wonderful.  Ruthie and I stayed close to her because every now and then something fell on the floor.  After Mom was done Dad started on a thing he called a turkey.  It was a big bald bird.  He put it in a bag then in a big pan then into the oven.  After about an hour Mom said the house smelled like Thanksgiving.  Not sure what that means but it did smell nice. 

Right before Mom and Dad's guests arrived Dad and Meghann took Ruthie and I for a walk.  Dad said he wanted us tuckered out so when guests arrived we would not pester them.  Well, that was not the case so Ruthie and I had to spend some time out on the deck while everyone was arriving.  Dad had a long talk with us and we agreed to settle down and got to come in.  There were lots of people there and everyone was busy talking and really did not pay any attention to us.  Ruthie was Ok with this but I decided I wanted to be the center of attention which put me on the outside again. After another talk with Dad I got to come back in and this time I listened to what Dad said and all was good.

Thanksgiving Day at the Schense House

This Thanksgiving we were missing two very special family members.  Dad's Dad Bob Sr. and Mom's Dad Ed.  We saved a place for them and lit a candle to show them the way from Heaven to come and spend the day with us.

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day!!