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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trips this week.

It has been an interesting week !  After my Mom finally went live with her blog all she does is watch me to see what she can blog about.  No privacy anymore.

Grandma Keuter, Ruthie & Me
My week started with me, my four legged sister Ruthie, my Grandma Keuter and Mom going back to see my Grandma in Wahoo, Ne.  This time I had to be on my best behavior since we were doing a service puppy/dog presentation.   My Mom was concerned  about my car sickness and her concerns were verified.  I made it about half of the way there then we all know what happened.  My sister was no help.  She just sat there and watched me. 
My Mommy and Me

I was sooooooo proud of myself at the presentation.  My Mom said I behaved better then my sister.  I was so excited after the presentation when one of the nurses said "ice cream for everyone" and I thought that meant me too !  I was wrong.  I had to watch everyone else eat ice cream while all I got was a chew toy.  One nice thing though was that I got a special tummy rub while exploring a wheelchair plus I didn't get sick on the way home.

At home I was so tired I could hardly stay awake for dinner.  I missed lunch since I was so busy and still a little car sick so when I got home I tried to tell my Mommy in puppy talk that I was starving but she just doesn't understand puppy talk at times.  Thought she might understand sign language so I put my paw in my bowl.  She understood that plus I got a little more for my effort.  Still have not gotten that bigger dish yet so my plate is pretty full when I eat.

Not much news for the next two days except that I get to spend more time in the fenced in mud room instead of my kennel when I am not being directly supervised..  Ruthie comes in there and plays with me too.  Once in a while we get out of control and Mom comes and separates us.  
My next adventure was to the Vet again.  Ruthie went with me for support but ended up getting her shots too.  Her allergies are still acting up and the Vet noticed so he told her to come into the exam room to see him.  He noticed she had an appointment for her shots in two weeks so he just did them along with mine.  I was brave when I got my shots but we both whimpered when we got our nails trimmed.   My Mom talked a lot about me being car sick so the Vet told her to get some meds over the counter and give them to me about 30 minutes before we go on a car ride.  I was trying soooo hard to tell him "Thank you" because I thought for sure a Vet could understand puppy talk. 

On Friday was my first day I got to stay in the mud room while my parents were out.  They went to Wahoo and moved some of my Grandma's furniture.  I did pretty good with only one accident.  I tried to wait but my little bladder had another idea.  I did go in the corner because I thought Mom would be happier if I did not walk through it and mess up the whole floor. 

Saturday came and we all know what happens in Nebraska on Saturday.  It was a 6:30pm  away game so my daddy listened to football stuff on and off all day.  I am really learning a lot about football but not sure if that will help me when I go back to KSDS for school ?  They are Kansas fans down there.  I did get a little shut eye when dad went for a long bike ride but was up late because he was so excited about the game.  I got to spend time with him on the couch though and even wore my HUSKER outfit. 

One thing I really need to tell you about this week is the grasshoppers. They are everywhere out here on the farmstead.  I love them and I mean love them. It is soooo FUN to chase them around the yard then EAT them !!    At first I thought eating things in the garden was the thing to do but now I know meat is the way to go.  I hope they don't figure out my motive and stay around for awhile.                                         

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Mom finally figured it Out !

My name is Avalon and I am a KSDS puppy being raised my my foster Mom and Dad - Lynn and Don Schense who live in Papillion, Nebraska on an acreage.  I also have a four legged sister at my new home - Ruthie another golden who is a professinoal therapy dog along with a cat named Baby who really doesn't care much for me.  My Mom has been working on this Blog site for about three weeks so time has passed since I came home that I will need to update you on.

I was born in Washington, Kansas on June 6 at KSDS.  There where nine of us in the litter.  I think five girls and four boys but that seems so long ago I can't really remember.  I had a wonderful time learning the basics of life there until the day I met my new Mom on August 5.  She was so excited to meet me and brought everything pink she could think of. 

I am with my Mom - left front.
We left for home that day - it was a three hour drive.  I didn't do too well.  I got car sick which I still have a problem with.  My dad came home early to meet me but the first thing I had to do was take a poop.  My Mom and Dad kept saying "Hurry Up ?"  I tried to tell them I am but they just didn't seem to understand puppy talk. 

My parent's house is so cool.  They set up a great kennel/den for me with everything pink along with a pretty pink water and food bowl.  It is kind of small so I hope when I grow more they will get a bigger one. 

My new Den
My den is located in the hearth room so I can see everyone when I am in there.  My Mom stayed with me for the first three nights so when I woke up at night I would not be scared.

Grandpa and Grandma Keuter
My first outing was to visit the Vet with my older sister Ruthie who has allgeries and was getting a check up.  The Vet was so nice to me and even gave me some treats.  On the way home we stopped and saw my Grandparent's Ed and Mitzi Keuter. 

My next outing was to the Care Center where my other Grandma Maryann lives.  It was a long drive since she lives in another city - Wahoo, Nebraska.  Everyone there was so nice to me and wanted to pet me.  I had to be careful though of the wheel chiars so they did not roll over my tail.  It was a FUN day but again car sickness got the best of me.  I also visited the YMCA that week. 

Grandma Schense
The next week I went back to the Care Center with my Mom to visit my Grandma.  Car sickness again.  I also went to an outdoor concert and met my two legged sister Aunna then the following day I went to an outdoor music festival that my other two legged sister Meghann was at hosting a booth.  Many people came to see us and I so enjoyed all of the attention. 

My Mom and Dad are working with me to help me learn how to behave.  I am learining to sit, stay, down and come.  I am doing pretty good with them all but come.  I love to explore my new enviroment so sometimes I have select hearing when she calls especially when I am in the garden and have found something good to eat.  Have learned though some things in the garden are good to eat and others are not.  Hot peppers are one of them.  Most of the time we work on these commands at home but sometimes my Mom takes me to the outdoor mall and we walk around there working on commands.
Sister Meghann and Aunna with Dad
On August 27 and 28 I got to go back to KSDS for Puppy Days !  It is an annual event for all of the puppy raisers to get together and learn more about puppy raising along with socializing.  We left the day before the event since it was another three hour drive in the car with me getting car sick right when we pulled up to KSDS.  It was worth it though since I got to get out of the car and play with a whole bunch of others puppies and dogs from KSDS.  The next morning we walked to KSDS from our hotel and spent the entire day there with around 75 other puppy raisers and their puppies/dogs.  Five of my nine sisters and brothers were there.  It was FUN to play with them and to meet other puppy raisers.
One of my sister at Puppy Days

The first week in September I went back to the Vet but this time it was not as much FUN.  I received my shots and was
de-wormed.  That is all I am going to say about that.  I had to spend a lot of time outside making sure the de-wormer was working.  That week was also the first time I met LITTLE RED !  My parents are HUGE HUSKER fans and LITTLE RED comes out every weekend there is a game.  He is sooooooo BIG but I wasn't scared !  I had my first babysitter that weekend too sicne my parents went to the game in Lincoln and were gone for almost 10 hours.  It was dark before they got home but Ruthie kept me company. 

Little RED !
Today is Saturday, September 17 and I have caught you up on my life since I left KSDS at eight weeks old.  It is cold and rainy here and I have spent time in the mud room after going out with my parents to put LITTLE RED up.  Lunch is around the corner then a good afternoon nap before the game starts.  Dad is VERY loud during the game and it is hard to get some shut eye.