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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where did Summer GO !!

We are back up in the communication world.  Mom got a new computer about 10 days ago along with Dad getting one at work right before that.  Mom has spent lots and lots of time setting them up.  She keeps talking to some one called "Geek Squad."  Mom also bought an IPad and when she left it out on the table I tried to check it out.  Mom caught me and said it was OFF LIMITS !!

Boy - It was COLD swimming out here this week !!!  Mom said the temps were down in the 50s & 60s in the mornings and it felt more like fall than summer !!  I am not ready for fall - Ruthie and I like swimming to much.

It has kind of been boring around here.  Mom said after the temps cooled down we would go out and double up on "Training Moments"  We have been out to Hy-Vee, the Outddoor Mall and the old stand by as Mom says - Walmart but Mom said I was not the best behaving camper.  I keep telling Mom I don't like the gentle lead and she just either still does not understand puppy talk or thinks I like it.  I know it hangs in the garage.  If I could only figure out how to open doors I would go out there at night and hide it.  Maybe I will see if Ruthie has learned to open doors ?

My two legged sister Aunna came over and Mom and Aunna went out on the rowing boats.  I wanted to go but Mom said I would probably tip the boat over.  Ruthie, Dad and I watched from the beach.  When they got back Dad and Mom went out.  Ruthie and I played crazy dog on the beach and I jumped off of the boat dock fetching the sticks.

This week Dad finally had his flag pole installed at the lake.  He has been waiting since we moved in.  Ruthie and I had to watch from the deck at they installed it.  Mom said it was really tall and she didn't want it to fall on us.  Dad hopes to put the flag up today for the first time.  He said Ruthie and I can help.  Dad also bought a new car.  Ruthie and I only get to look at it in the garage.  It is off limits to dogs and puppies.  I heard Dad say he spent time at the gas station during the first rain storm we have had in months.  It looked like it was snowing outside.  Mom said I was a trooper during the thunder storm, hail and wind - Ruthie was a wimp !! 

Mom harvested zucchini this week and made zucchini cookies and muffins.  It smelled so good in the house.  Ruthie and I stayed right under her feet being hopeful - We scored once as a cookie fell on the floor.  Mom also made and canned something called pickle relish and the house stunk !!  Mom finally got the hint and let Ruthie and I out on the deck. 

Mom and Dad spent lots of time outside working on the yard.  Sometimes Ruthie and I got to come out and watch/play and other times when we would not listen and would run off we had to watch from the deck however Dad would always spend time with us when they were done.  I heard Mom and Dad talking about someone called a contractor  coming and doing a  bunch of work. 

Last weekend I went to my first concert !!  They have them every Friday night at the outdoor Mall near our house.  Mom and dad have gone several times but Ruthie and I had to stay home.  I asked if Ruthie could come to the concert with us but Mom said only Puppies in training could go.  I had a nice time with Mom and Dad but wasn't to keen about all of the people there.  It was very crowed and hard to walk around.  I asked Mom if we could dance like we did when we went to another party but she said my dancing skills need some working on.  After the concert we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Mom saw some old friends there.

Need to go.  We are getting ready for our weekend walk.  I sooooooo love going on these with Dad, Ruthie AND Mom !!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Look Back

It was soooo HOT this week that Ruthie and I didn't even get to go swimming much.  The sand burns our pads then it is soooo HOT on the deck that we can't stay out there and dry off.  I can't read the thing Mom reads to know what the temps are but I heard her say it was around 100+ everyday. 

Mom and I didn't go out this week for "Training Moments"   I am glad since I already have a fur coat on then I have to wear a coat when we are out training.   Mom is concerned I might be regressing on my schooling so she said when the temps cool down we will have to double up on training.

All of my Sisters and Brothers and Mom

Since I really don't have much to write about this week except the same old - same old I thought I would take a look back -

Gardening with Mom

TV crew - I was on the Morning News

Halloween FUN !

Lowes - Out training

At a School presentation with Mom and Ruthie

First Snow

Dressing Up

My favirote thing in the World !

Out training with sister Aunna

Swimming !!