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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer FUN at the Lake !!

Waiting to go swimming !!!
Throw the ball Mom !!
Where did it go ???

My best friend Ruthie !

Swimming and more swimming !

Drying off time on the deck

Sleepy campers !

Last but not least -
Dad had a tumble with the working end of a wasp and got stung while we were out on the beach !   Mom explained to me what the working end was and I will make sure I won't tumble with that end !!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Things are getting back to normal ?

Boy have we been busy the past two weeks but it hasn't been with a lot of so called training moments or at least training moments away from the house.  I get to spend more time at home like Ruthie when Mom goes out because Mom says "We Stink" from swimming in the lake.  Now when we go out it is a BIG production.  Everyone has to take a bath and spend time drying off before getting dressed and if Mom doesn't plan in advance there isn't enough time and I get to stay home.

Lots of other things have happened though.  Ruthie and I help Mom unpack just about every morning then we get to go for our time.  We walk to the dam and lake beach.  Ruthie and I get to run then go swimming.   Mom watches us like a hawk though till we "Hurry up -poo" so she can pick it up in those funny baggies.  At the farmstead we just went in the fields and Mom never seemed to care or Dad did his poo flipping on the weekends.   One of the other fun things when we go to the beach is that there is sometimes other kids and dogs there that we get to play with.  Everyone is always so nice to us and we have a great time. 

We also go swimming on our beach at the house.  Mom has toys there for us and will throw toys out in the lake.  Mom says I have become quite the swimmer.   I can out swim Ruthie now but Mom usually throws the toys in two different directions so we both can have fun.  One time when we were on the beach I found a fish for Mom and tried to bring it to her.  Mom was not to happy about that ??  She went and flipped it back in the water but I told Mom the fish didn't know how to swim and it was sinking.  Mom said it was going to fish heaven. 

I did a first with Dad this week.  I ran around the lake with him.  Mom said I had to wait till I was  one year old to run that far and since I just had my birthday I got to go.  It was fun but I was sooooo tired when we got back.  It was two miles.  Dad did let us walk a bit since it was my first time.  I also helped Dad with building some outside furniture however he wasn't to happy when I decided to eat some of the plastic coverings.

Yesterday my two legged sister Aunna came over and Mom, me, Ruthie and Aunna all went for a walk over to the beach.  Ruthie and I had a GREAT time playing in the lake while the grown-ups talked.  Since it had rained really hard in the morning there was plenty of icky stuff to roll around in like back at the farm.  Ruthie saw me playing in the mud and said Mom would not be a happy camper and she wasn't.   When we got home I had to spend time out on the deck drying off after Mom made me take a bath. 

Mom said starting next week we have to get back to regular training moments.  Maybe with the break my car sickness has improved.  We will see.

Last I just have to add this picture of Ruthie and cat Baby.  While I was out drying yesterday they decided to spend some time together and take a nap.

Happy Father's Day to my two legged Daddy
my four legged KSDS Daddy !!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am BACK !!

Lake Living !!  However, I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time swimming like Mom said I would.  She says she is soooooo busy trying to unpack and getting our new house livable.  I think it looks fine and we need to be down on the beach.  Let me me tell you about the last two weeks or so - Lots has changed.

The Old Farmstead
First the MOVE.  Mom and Dad got their new house on Thursday, May 24.  Ruthie and I didn't get to see it though.  They spent the day moving stuff out of the farmstead garage and over to the new house garage.  Mom and Dad did a bunch of last minute packing that night which included the computer.  We were without Internet, a land phone, cable and basically cell phone service for 5 days.   It was weird to be soooo unconnected. 

Friday morning three moving trucks and eight movers showed up bright and early.  Mom put Ruthie and me in the mud room because she said she didn't want us to trip up the movers.  I was pretty nervous about the commotion going on and did some whining.  Ruthie told me it would be OK.  She has moved before and she had lived at the lake we were moving back to.   One nice thing though is that we got to see the new owners of the farmstead again.  They had some stuff delivered to the house before they were going to move in.  I never did get to show them all of the good rolling spots and where the great snack foods were but I am sure they will find them sooner or later.  I heard Mom say they have bunnies ??   but these bunnies are not like the Easter bunnies.  I like the Easter bunny - He brought me lots of nice treats. 

New House
Finally on their last trip back to the house around 6:30 we all loaded up and said our "Good Bye's"    We were all sad but excited about our new adventure.   Ruthie and me especially since we had not seen the house yet.  Mom let us sniff everything and scan the house but we didn't get to go swimming till the next day.  Aunna, my two legged sister came over to see the new house later in the evening.  We all went out on the deck and had some refreshments and then they ordered something that was big and round called a pizza.  Thought Ruthie and I would get to have some but we only got our dog food but we did get to eat it our on the deck.  New mud room to sleep in but this one is smaller so Ruthie and I cuddle up which was nice since we both were a little apprehensive.

The next day we finally had some FUN !!  First we started out with a walk around the lake.  I got to go swimming but Ruthie has to wait.  The Vet said NO swimming for at least 10 more days when she got her stitches out.  I found some mud to get into while swimming and Mom and Dad were not happy campers but the good thing about that was all I had to do was to go swimming again.  After swimming though I had to stay out on the deck till I dried off while Ruthie got to go inside. 

Mom spent most of this week unpacking so things were kind of boring around here.  I didn't have to go out on any training moments but did have to practice my stay and down/stay a lot.  Mom had lots of people coming to the house either to deliver stuff or check things in the house.  I was sooooo excited when the guy came to hook up all of our communications.  We were back in the real world again however Mom would not let me on the computer -  She had too much to catch up on first.   We did take a walk or two and got to run on the dam.  Mom let me swim out on our beach a couple of times but Ruthie had to watch from the deck. 

Yesterday, Mom and Dad spent the whole day outside cleaning out flower beds and planting flowers in flower pots.  Some of the time we got to go out but most of the time we had to stay up on the deck.  I escaped once and took Dad for a run.  I was trying to get to the water to swim but Dad had other ideas.  He would go one way so I would go the other but Mom finally tricked me with a treat and caught me.  Mom said she wished she had a video recorder - it could have made "Funniest Home Videos"  In the evening a neighbor pulled their boat up on the beach and Mom and Dad went on their first boat ride. We didn't get to go. 

Today Mom said it will be our day to spend some quality time together.  First Mom said all of us are going for a walk around the lake then I will get to go swimming.  I feel soooo sorry Ruthie can't swim but by next weekend she will be well enough.  I looked at her stitches this morning in the mud room and almost all of the scabs are gone. 

LOVE Lake Living !!