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Sunday, May 6, 2012

It is all about Moving

Mom said time is counting down till we move back to the lake.  Dad last weekend worked on the basement some when we were at KSDS for Spring Graduation.  Yesterday morning Mom started packing in the basement with Dad helping in the evening. 

I heard old time country music coming up from the stairs last night so they must have been having a good time packing.  I kept hearing them talk about the Nebraska Huskers so they had to be packing up Dad's bar.  Mom said they ran out of boxes so she is done for this weekend.  Aunna my two legged sister has some more boxes that she gets from work and Mom is going to go over to her house and get them.   I heard Mom tell Dad her goal is to have the house packed in about a week and a half so she can help the new family who is going to be moving in plant the garden out back.   After that moving time is around the corner !!

We had several people come to the house last week.  Mom said it all had to do with selling the house.  We have more coming this week.  Mom said they are "training moments" for me to mind my manners when guests arrive at the house.  Ruthie gets it but I like to run up and greet guests and Mom says that is a No No !!

I ran some errands with Mom on Monday plus we picked up some groceries before coming home.  We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart Tuesday and Thursday.  Mom said I did Ok but I keep telling her I don't need the Gentle Lead !!   I just can not seem to find where she hides it so I can hide it from her.   I did get a new bigger training vest when we were at KSDS so it is more comfortable now and not too tight.  I am a growing girl!

We had a BIG BIG storm blow in during the middle of the night.  Mom let Ruthie and I out of our bedroom and when I looked out the window the rain was blowing sideways.  The weather radio started going off and Mom even thought about taking us all down to the basement.   Dad said to wait and the storm blew over.  I may have my quirks but I am proud to say storms are not one of them.

Better go - Dad is getting ready to go outside and scan the farmstead to make sure everything survived the storm.  We don't have as many chores to do now that Dad has already taken the bird feeders in the garage and most of the spring cleaning is done around the farmstead.   I think Mom and I are going to the Commissary at the base and get groceries this afternoon.  My least favorite thing to do.   Wish she had boxes to pack so we would be staying home. Busy times around here!!

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