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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scary times on the farmstead

Our week started out just like any other week but things sure changed at the end.  Let me start at the beginning.

Sunday was Mother's Day so Ruthie and I took Mom for a walk at the lake.  We stopped so she could go swimming but she said she didn't bring her swim suit.  I told Mom I don't have to wear one and it is OK but Mom said humans have to so she just watched as Ruthie and I swam.  We found the sticks from when we were at the lake with the reporter from the Omaha World Herald so Mom threw them out in the water for Ruthie and me.   I told Ruthie we should make dinner for her but Ruthie told me while dogs sometimes get to eat people food - people don't eat dog food.  I heard Dad say anyway he was going to BBQ for her.  Last but not least for Mom for Mother's Day I wore my gentle lead around the house and didn't make a BIG fuss about it.   I still wish I could find where Mom hides it so I can hide it from her. 

Monday and Tuesday Mom was packing around the house.  We went for a walk at the lake on Monday but Tuesday my two legged sister Aunna come over with more boxes for the move so she and Mom packed then I heard Mom say they needed a break so they went and had their toes and nails done.   Aunna asked if I was coming ?  I was trying soooo hard to tell Mom how much I don't like the smells there and didn't want to go and maybe for the first time she understood puppy talk.  She told Aunna I usually don't stay in my down/stay and get up and try to walk around which makes it hard to have your toes done.   GOT TO STAY HOME !! just like Ruthie does.  We both took naps. 

Wednesday was mowing day.  Mom spent most of the day out on the big green machine.   Ruthie and I did our usual sniffing and rolling around in smelly stuff.  I must have not found enough smelly stuff to roll around in because when Mom was done mowing she made me go with her to run some errands.  She told me that we need to make sure we get plenty of training moments in before the move because she will be soooo busy for a week or so.  I heard her tell the reporter I was reverting back to my baby days with a teenage attitude.  

Thursday Mom packed again in the morning then she went for her daily run.  After that Mom made me go again with her to run some errands.  When we got home Ruthie had an issue that I usually have but in the house instead of in the car - as you know I get car sick a lot of the time.  Mom didn't think too much of it because me and Ruthie like to eat icky things outside that don't always agree with our tummies but this time Ruthie got sick and sick and sick. 


Friday Mom fed Ruthie and I breakfast and Ruthie got sick right away so Mom called Heartland Animal Hospital and talked to our Vet.  She said to bring Ruthie in right away.  I wanted to go but Mom said this was kind of an emergency and I had to stay at home.  Mom was gone a long time before I got to know how Ruthie was and even longer before I got to talk to Ruthie again.  She told me all she could remember ?

She said first they took a picture of her tummy and found a rock.  I know Mom yells at us for eating them and has said some day we would regret doing it.  They took some blood from her arm and put a needle in her arm that had to stay.   The rock was sooo big that the Vet said surgery was the only way to get it out so they left for the surgery hospital of Heartland Vet.   Ruthie said she doesn't remember much after that.  The Vet thought it would be an in and out surgery but they found other stuff in Ruthie's tummy that should not be there.  The Vet said it looked like pieces of a towel.  Ruthie and I play tug of war with the towel Dad uses to wipe our feed but no more !!  The towel is now up on the counter. 

Ruthie was able to come home that evening.  Mom put her in quarantine for a while before I got to go in and see her.  I was pacing outside of the gate and Mom finally gave in.   That was when Ruthie told me all about her adventure or at least what she remembered.   I laid down beside her and we both took a long nap.  When we woke up Ruthie did get to come out of quarantine and we went outside to "hurry up"  Went out the front door since Ruthie can't do stairs till her stitches come out. 

This weekend is our last weekend on the farmstead before the move to the lake.  Mom and Dad did some packing in the morning then Dad left for his office and Mom and me went to Lowes and Walmart.   Mom said she had run out of boxes and needed some more plus we needed to buy some rice and chicken for Ruthie.  She can't eat her dog food for a while.   Saturday night we headed out to the gardening barn to pack it up for the move and listen to some Elvis Gospel music.  I got to spend time with Mom and Dad but Ruthie only got to come out for a "hurry up" potty break.  Today the new farmstead family who bought our house is coming and Mom and me are going to help them plant the garden.   Ruthie will miss out on this since she is still in quarantine because of "the rock". 

The ROCK !!

Dr. Kelianne - Dr. Andrew - Dr. Susan
For taking care of my BEST friend and four legged sister !!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy times on the Farmstead

Our adventures started out in the garden this week.  I heard Mom say the raised bed garden had one of the best crop of weeds she has ever seen.  This year Mom hired some young worker bees and along with Ruthie and I we helped them weed the garden.  Mom said the new family who bought our farmstead is coming next weekend and we are going to help them plant some of the garden. 

Mom, Ruthie and I went for a long walk at the lake and swimming after the hard work out in the garden.  Mom said I would be getting a bath the next day because we were having some visitors on Wednesday that I had to be looking and smelling nice for. 

Tuesday was mowing day for Mom - She is counting down.  Ruthie and I got to hang out and do all of our sniffing and snack eating that we could.  I don't think there will be the GREAT snack foods at the lake that there is out here on the farmstead.  After mowing Mom and me went to Hy-Vee and ordered a cake for Ruthie before bath time and bed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ruthie on Wednesday !!  She is 6 years old.  Wednesday was another adventure for Mom and me too.  A reporter from the Omaha World Herald came to our house along with a photographer to do a story about service puppies and their families.  They arrived around noon and just hung out on the picnic table outside and talked.  I wasn't paying much attention to them because Ruthie and I were busy playing in the garden. 

 After about an hour or so we all packed up and headed out to the Sarpy Community YMCA to visit some of their pre-school kids.  The kids were soooooo nice and fed me lots of treats.  I remember going there before for Family Days and visiting with their day camp kids.  Mom said we would be coming back in June to do a presentation to the camp kids like we did last summer. 

Our next stop was to Hy-Vee to pick up Ruthie's birthday cake.  Mom said I was NOT on my best behavior.  I keep telling her I don't like the gentle lead but she keeps putting it on me.  Mom said she will win this battle but I am going to put up a fight !!!  Mom tricks me by getting out the really good treats and I give in and go after them.  I think Mom was embarrassed that I was misbehaving so badly but hey I am still a puppy and have puppy issues.  I tell Mom to remember I have never had a poo in a public store so at least I am ahead of her other service puppies on that. 

Finally we headed over to the lake for some FUN time and swimming.  Mom had a box full of sticks she picked up earlier so I had lots of fetching to do.  Mom warned everyone about my shaking and to watch out however I think I still was able to get everyone a little wet before we left.   Before they left Mom and I gave them a cookie to eat that looked just like the cake we had picked up for Ruthie.   Mom and me came home and I went and found Ruthie so I could tell her about my adventures.  Ruthie said she will make sure she finds the paper on May 22 and will read  the story.   I mentioned Ruthie several times so I hope they say something nice about her.  She is my best friend !  I am pround to announce that during our adventures I was able to keep my breakfast where it belongs and not on the floor of the car.

Thursday and Friday Mom packed in the morning then Ruthie, me and Mom went to the lake for a walk in the afternoon.  No swimming though.  Mom had stuff in the back of her car that she did not want to get wet.  She said we will be moving soon and can swim all we want then.  Mom made me wear my gentle lead around the house on Friday - the battle is still on !!  Who will win ?

Yesterday, Ruthie and I got to spend some time outside with Dad scanning the farmstead.  Only one more weekend left to do this.  Mom packed most of the day while Dad went to the office.  Both Mom and Dad packed last night but this time they had refreshments.  Dad shared a little with me. I thought I had to be 21 but Dad said he would not tell.  Ruthie has had refreshments before with Dad but she is over 21.

Happy Mother's Day to my two legged Mommy
My four legged Mommy at KSDS

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It is all about Moving

Mom said time is counting down till we move back to the lake.  Dad last weekend worked on the basement some when we were at KSDS for Spring Graduation.  Yesterday morning Mom started packing in the basement with Dad helping in the evening. 

I heard old time country music coming up from the stairs last night so they must have been having a good time packing.  I kept hearing them talk about the Nebraska Huskers so they had to be packing up Dad's bar.  Mom said they ran out of boxes so she is done for this weekend.  Aunna my two legged sister has some more boxes that she gets from work and Mom is going to go over to her house and get them.   I heard Mom tell Dad her goal is to have the house packed in about a week and a half so she can help the new family who is going to be moving in plant the garden out back.   After that moving time is around the corner !!

We had several people come to the house last week.  Mom said it all had to do with selling the house.  We have more coming this week.  Mom said they are "training moments" for me to mind my manners when guests arrive at the house.  Ruthie gets it but I like to run up and greet guests and Mom says that is a No No !!

I ran some errands with Mom on Monday plus we picked up some groceries before coming home.  We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart Tuesday and Thursday.  Mom said I did Ok but I keep telling her I don't need the Gentle Lead !!   I just can not seem to find where she hides it so I can hide it from her.   I did get a new bigger training vest when we were at KSDS so it is more comfortable now and not too tight.  I am a growing girl!

We had a BIG BIG storm blow in during the middle of the night.  Mom let Ruthie and I out of our bedroom and when I looked out the window the rain was blowing sideways.  The weather radio started going off and Mom even thought about taking us all down to the basement.   Dad said to wait and the storm blew over.  I may have my quirks but I am proud to say storms are not one of them.

Better go - Dad is getting ready to go outside and scan the farmstead to make sure everything survived the storm.  We don't have as many chores to do now that Dad has already taken the bird feeders in the garage and most of the spring cleaning is done around the farmstead.   I think Mom and I are going to the Commissary at the base and get groceries this afternoon.  My least favorite thing to do.   Wish she had boxes to pack so we would be staying home. Busy times around here!!