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Saturday, June 22, 2013

KSDS Spring Graduation

The time has come - My other litter mates have received their LETTERS and are starting their process of returning to KSDS Guide/Service College.  Two of my litter mates are going to Washington Kansas today to attend Spring Graduation and then are staying for their Pre-ACT testing. The rest of my mates are returning next weekend.   I am wishing them the BEST of LUCK and sharing a little knowledge from when I went back early to be evaluated -

Student Dorms
The DORMS are GREAT !!!  The resident assistants are 
Health Clinic
Student Spa

wonderful.  The upper classmates will greet you with many barking voices. You get room service, house keeping and these suspended beds to sleep on.  There is a GREAT SPA that even does nails along with an infirmary in case you are not feeling well plus that is where you will get your Pre-School physical.  There will be puppies there in training starting out as freshman just like you along with upper classmates who are about to graduate.  Everyone though is sooooo helpful and will be there to support you when you might be feeling home sick.   There isn't much home work so in the evening you get to head over to the KSDS social and recreational yard to play.  The only caution is the FRESHMAN 15.  I put it on right away. 

Out training
When I was there a typical day would start with the wonderful cafeteria person bringing us our food. Again, can you believe we have room service  ?? After that depending on what level of instruction you are in training started. Some in the classroom and some on paws training.  There were puppies with harnesses on walking people with blind folds on, puppies pulling wheel chairs and picking up stuff off of the floor along with puppies opening doors, turning on/off lights and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I spent most of my time on basic obedience with the other freshman puppies when I was there then the dreaded car ride came. 
Mom, Deb and Me
Deb took me with her to run errands and within a few minutes car sickness overwhelmed me and we all know what happened after that.  Everyone was sooooo supportive both two legged and four legged but in the end I was released because of the car sickness and now I am with my forever home - My puppy raiser and her family.  I sure miss everyone there and hope to see them soon at Pup Days the annual gathering of puppy raisers each year in the summer.  However, it will be later this year because KSDS was hit by very strong straight winds and had damage to the training facility.

I have started a new chapter in my life and have begun the search for my new mission and purpose. A Dog's life is not complete until they find their purpose and become someone's special forever partner and enhance their life. I am pretty sure it will be here with my family but it will probably come to me in the most unexpected way and unexpected time.

THANK YOU to all of the WONDERFUL people who entered and influenced my life while as a puppy at KSDS and also when I returned to KSDS College. Every one of you will always be in my heart and I will always remember you. May you help all of my classmates find their special purpose and mission and forever partner. 
PLEASE keep me posted about life at KSDS.