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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finding Your Purpose

It has been a wild and crazy four weeks.  As you know, I headed off to KSDS College around the third week in February.  Mom, Dad, Ruthie and I headed out all together but I stayed behind at school.  After Deb - The Director of Campus Activities, gave us a tour of the campus a wonderful Resident Assistant took me to my dorm room.  There were other KSDS students in their dorm rooms and they barked to welcome me.  They were sooooo nice to me. 

There were sooooo many other puppies who looked just like me. Some with long golden hair like me then some with shorter gold hair however, there were some other puppies who did not look like me at all. They were black in color. 

We had great cafeteria food - I think I put on the freshman 15 in just a few weeks.  The bathroom was nice and clean and the attendant gave wonderful spa baths and did our toes perfectly.  I visited the Vet at the on site health clinic and had my monthly heart worm med. 

A typical day started with the wonderful cafeteria person bringing us our food.  We had room service - Can you believe that  ??  After that depending on what level of instruction you were in training started.  Some in the classroom and some on paws training.   I saw puppies with harnesses on walking people with blind folds on, puppies pulling wheel chairs and picking up stuff off of the floor along with puppies opening doors, turning on/off lights and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I was in the classroom with the other freshman learning more advance obedience training. 

We also had free time during the day so we would all gather at the park and play.  There were a few snow storms and it was sooooo cool to play with everyone in the snow.  Sometimes after playing we had to go to the spa for a good cleaning.

After about a week of classroom training the time came for me to finish my physical.  Deb and I got in the KSDS van - me in my crate and Deb driving.  Deb headed off to a small town about 20 minutes from KSDS and I am proud to report I did GREAT !!  I passed - No car sickness.  However, the same thing did not happen on the way back.  ICKY car sickness snuck up on me and I received a failing report.  The next time we went out we listened to soothing music and turned my crate in a different direction.  Again, I received a failing grade.  Several more attempts for a passing grade failed even with Deb giving me ginger to soothe my tummy.   Deb was so nice to me through all of this along with all of the other professors at KSDS. 

I am happy to report that I did  pass my Pre-ACT test but did NOT pass my Pre-Physical.  Failed with the car sickness.  Because of that I have been released from KSDS College.  I was really upset when Deb told me this but she comforted me and told me there is always a mission for every puppy born and that I just need more time to find mine.  She said all dogs find their special calling so it will come to me when the time is right.

Ruthie & my Granny
Deb, me, Ruthie & Granny
Deb had been in contact with my Mom and Dad back home during my weeks at KSDS so she emailed Mom and informed her of my release and I could come back home.  I am glad she did that because I was a little weary of calling her.  However, my Mom was sooooooo excited I was coming home.  She said it was "bitter sweet" because my purpose was to be a forever special Guide/Service dog for a special person but now that special person can be my mom and my family. Mom will help me find my special mission in life now so on Thursday Ruthie, my granny and Mom met Deb in a small town half way to KSDS and we were reunited. 

Saying Good-Bye to Deb
After we all said our farewells we headed home.  I stayed in the back of the SUV just in case my car sickness found me.  Didn't think much would happen though since I got car sick in Deb's van on the drive there.  Soon we were home.  Mom opened the back of the SUV and all of a sudden all of my memories of home life came flooding back to me.  Ruthie and I jumped out - ran to the snow and played till Mom said she was cold and wanted to go in.  Everything was still like I remembered,  Home - Sweet - Home  :)

Today, we went for our weekend walk.  It took a while since I had many new smells to figure out and we walked a little further since Mom wants me to exercise my freshman 15 off.  Ruthie and I were so happy to play together today that we did the crazy dog dance !  Mom had her camera so we had to stop several times for photo ops.  I can tell you though I was not interested in posing - I wanted to run and play.

When we got home Mom took me aside and had a very sad and serious talk with me.  My Grandpa Keuter who loved to read my blog and pet me passed away while I was at KSDS.  Mom told me he asked about me several times while in the hospital wondering how I was doing at KSDS college.  Mom wishes I could have been there to get to say "Good-Bye"   My first outing after I came home with my Mom from KSDS as a puppy was to my Grandpa's house.

We will MISS you Grandpa - May you find a puppy in heaven at the rainbow bridge :)
Now that a new chapter in my life has begun I will continue to search for my mission and purpose.  A Dog's life is not complete until they find their purpose and become someone's special forever partner and enhance their life.  I am pretty sure I will figure it out and it will be here with my family but it will probably come to me in the most unexpected way and unexpected time. 

THANK YOU to all of the WONDERFUL people who entered and influenced my life while as a puppy at KSDS and also when I returned to KSDS College.  Everyone of you will always be in my heart and I will always remember you.  May you help all of my classmates find their special purpose and missiion and forever partner.

Watch for my NEW adventures in finding my
mission & purpose in Life !