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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Everything is Turning Green !

It was in the 80's all week which meant Ruthie, me and Mom took several walks at the lake.  Lots of stick throwing and swimming along with digging in the sand.  Mom showed Ruthie and me the new house they bought at the lake but we will not get to move in right away.  Mom said when we move there we will just have to go to our own backyard to get to swim and play on the beach.  The only bad thing about swimming though is that Mom says we stink and have to spend time either in the mud room or deck till we dry off.   Mom had the carpet cleaned this week so NO dogs on the carpet if we are wet !  Mom called a New Groomer who comes to your house in a Van and does everything.  The Groomer is coming on Wednesday.  Mom is taking us to the lake today to swim because she said when we get groomed we will not be swimming till after Easter.  We need to smell nice for the Holiday.  I heard Mom say something about a BIG bunny coming and hiding eggs ?   Ruthie has done this before so I hope I find some and she doesn't get all of them ??

Mom and me took several trips this week which Mom calls training moments.  Our first one was to Nebraska Furniture Mart with Grandma Keuter.  Mom said I did a B+ job.  If I would have left my breakfast in my stomach instead of the Ford Mom would have given me an A.  Mom was proud of me though since when I deposited my breakfast I got up and went to the back of the Ford and deposited it on the ramp instead of on the back seat.  Made it much easier for Mom to clean up later. 

Our next trip was to pick up a  few groceries.  Short trip and everything stayed where is should.   Our next big trip was to the Omaha Home Show.  Mom gave me a pink pill and I am proud to say everything stayed where it should again.  Mom took me out just before we left and I made a deposit from the other end so Mom was glad we didn't have to worry about that.  The Home Show was in Downtown Omaha so it was a bit of a drive.  Grandma Keuter came along again.  Soooooo many people stopped and talked to us that we barely got through the Home Show before we had to leave.  Stopped and took a picture of some really nice people.

This week we had our first big storm come through.  I kind of remember them from last summer but I was just a puppy back then.  The sky turned dark and something called hail rained down.  It kind of looked like snow but it was hard.  We watched from inside the house because Mom said the hail would hurt if it hit us.  After the storm passed Ruthie and I went outside and investigated.  It was like eating snow cones.   We had to hurry because it was warm instead of cold and the snow cones were melting fast !

Saturday was another day out on the Farmstead.  It started early around 10:30 with Mom not finishing till around 5:00.  Dad helped a little in the morning but he left and went to visit Grandma Schense in Wahoo.   Mom was on the Big Green machine for a long time.  Ruthie and I hung out and played and napped.  When Mom came in we had dinner.  We were starving since being outside all day.   After dinner we stayed inside and rested till Dad got home.  Back out for a bit to scan the farmstead before turning in for the night.  Mom put my kennel away and I get to sleep in the mud room now with Ruthie.  Much more room plus I get to snuggle with her.

It is Sunday morning and Mom and Dad are reading the paper.  I heard Mom say later in the day we are going to the lake to walk and swim.  They are busy with the house this afternoon.  It is to be in the 90's today but the rest of the week I saw on the news back to normal temps.

                         Happy Easter ! 
                 The Bunny and I match !

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  1. sounds like a fun day (minus the throwing up) Hope you feel better!