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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Car Ride and Scary times !

Mom was true to her statement - I took my first car ride after coming back from KSDS Guide/Service School this week however,
it was a little bit before my 2nd birthday which is June 6.  Ruthie and I had appointments at the beauty shop on Friday.  Mom said the new wood floors are coming soon and she wanted our toes and nails done so we will not scratch up the floors plus she had them give us a buzz cut for the summer.  Nothing against Labs but we look more like Labs right now then Goldens.  We even got pretty scarfs to wear and bows in our hair !!

 I am sad to report though my car sickness is still going strong !!!  Mom and I were hoping a break in training and car rides that I might outgrow it and get to maybe return to KSDS Guide/Service School and retake my pre-testing ??  The beauty shop is only about 10 minutes from our house and I got car sick twice on the way there.  Mom was very supportive and said she will not make me try again.  I will find my new purpose in my Life Journey just like every dog does and it will be with my forever family I have now.
Remodeling is still going on here at the house.  We also have remodeling on the roads going on now too.  Ruthie and I love to
watch out the front door at all of the action.  Because of the road construction some of the projects in the house had to be pushed back.  No way for the contractors to get to our driveway.

I do have some SAD news to pass on - KSDS College was hit by a tornado or very strong straight winds and had damage to their training facilities. All of the puppies in training in the dorms were Ok along with staff however, training classes for the puppies and the new forever partners who will be coming for training will have to be at another facility for awhile. I sure wish Mom and me lived closer and I didn't get car sick and we could have gone down to KSDS and help with clean up. I even heard they are canceling PUP Days this summer. Mom and me had to miss it last year and was planning on going this summer.  If you would like to help out or made a donation PLEASE click on the link on the on the side bar - It will take you to the KSDS's web site. 

Photo: Backside of CHU & Training building

It is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and it doesn't feel like it.  It has been cool  and rainy however, Ruthie and I still got to go swimming yesterday and probably will go again when we go for our weekend walk.  Mom and Dad are planting flowers plus getting Mom's small garden ready to plant a few veggies.  Nothing like the garden we had out at the farmstead but still it is nice to have some fresh veggies over the summer.
 Those Veterans both two legged and four legged this
Memorial Day who have served our
Great Country!
Photo: Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Memorial Weekend.