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Sunday, January 27, 2013

College Life Here we Come :)

Boy, things sure were busy this week and a lot of changes in my life.  Mom talked to me about them most of the week but it all came to a reality on Friday.  Let me tell you about being college bound !

Mom and me spent time in the office this week instead of out on "Training Moments"  Mom got my Training Manual out and we went over lots and lots of information in the book.  Mom said this was stuff I needed to know for my Pre-ACT testing when I get to KSDS College.  It was a pretty big book so we were in the office most mornings studying. I liked studying in private so I found a nice place under Mom's desk.   Mom also went through all of my paper work to pack in my bags.  I had health records, training reports, grooming reports and other things Mom called "Misc. things"

Grandma came to visit this week along with a few other two legged and four legged friends.  Grandma is sooooo nice to me and even ounce feed me a table scrap. 

The BIG day arrived on Friday.  We all got up early and Mom and Dad had coffee in the office while I went over my KSDS Training Book again before it was packed away for the drive to Washington, Kansas where KSDS College is located.  After Mom and Dad checked their email and I finished studying we all headed out for a walk around the lake.  I thought this odd since we usually only do it on the weekend but Mom said this was a special day.  Mom and Dad kept saying "This is the last time for this or that "  Little did I know what the day was to bring  ??? 

Mom finally sat down with me and told me we were getting in the car to drive to KSDS in about an hour or so.  I was kind of upset because she knows how I feel about car rides and getting car sick so Mom gave me one of my pink motion sickness pills.   I haven't had one of those in a while so everyone was hoping it would work since the drive to KSDS College is about three hours.  Dad loaded up the car with my bed, dishes, blanket, books and toys and RUTHIE,  She usually doesn't go with me on Training things so I was excited to have company on the ride. 

We left around 10:00 or at least that is what I heard Dad say since I can't tell time.  Ruthie and I were in the back and Mom and Dad in the front.  Everything was going pretty good for about an hour then that icky car sickness snuck up on me and I politely went to the back of the car and made a deposit.  Dad pulled over after a short bit at a truck stop to clean up so we didn't have to have the icky stuff in the car and so Ruthie and I could "Hurry Up".   After we got back on the road I stayed in the back just in case something would happen again.

We arrived at KSDS College around 1:30.   Dad was a hungry camper so he stopped and bought some sub-sandwiches.  I wasn't hungry but Ruthie was up in the front of the car trying to snatch a bite.

After lunch we all headed off to the KSDS College campus.  First we met the Director of Campus Activities- Deb.  She was such a NICE person and greeted Mom, Dad, me and Ruthie.  She took Dad, Mom and me on a tour of campus. 

Mom, Me & Deb - The Director of Campus Activities

The Student  Cafeteria

Student Dorms
Student Bathrooms
Student Health Clinic
Met a Wonderful Professor - Letha

After our dorm tour we went back and got Ruthie.  Since she was not going to college she wasn't allowed  to go into the dorms.  Everyone was then off to see some of the classrooms.  On our way there we saw some upper classmen out training and some Freshmen in class.   Mom said everyone starts out as Freshmen then as they pass their training tests they move up until one day they graduate. 

After our tours were over Mom, Dad, Ruthie and I went to the KSDS social and recreational yard.   Dad took me aside and talked to me about BOYS in college and you have to kind of watch out for them.  Mom then took me aside and talked to me about college life and meeting new friends, studying hard and finding a balance.  She had tears in her eyes so not sure what that was all about ??  Ruthie talked to me about her college days and that everything will be OK.  Not to get homesick and be a BIG girl.  Wonder if home sick is like car sick ?/  Hope not !!

After about 20 minutes we left and Ruthie and I said our "Good Byes"   Mom, Dad and me unloaded all of my stuff from the back of the car and headed over to the classrooms.   Mom had already explained to me that I was going back to KSDS College early and would be staying there for a few weeks.  I will be taking my Pre-School physical - mainly to evaluate my car sickness - along with my Pre-ACT test.   Hope all of the last minute studying pays off ??  After all of the testing is done then Deb the Director of Campus Activities will decide if I passed and will get to continue with college or be released early to be just a wonderful family dog.

Finally I met a wonderful Resident Assistant and it was time for me to head over to the dorms.  Mom was crying and Dad was trying to hold back tears.  I told Mom to be a Big Girl and this was what we had all been preparing for since I was a wee one with my other litter mates at KSDS.  I whispered to Mom I would email her everyday.  Mom snuck an IPad in my bags so when no one is looking I will write.  I am scared and excited for this new adventure in my life. 

Mom and Dad left and stopped and looked at a brick we bought in my name to help support the building of three new two legged dorms on campus.   Hopefully when I am out and about we will walk by it.


On the way home Mom called Deb at KSDS to remind her of my blanket in my bags. It was the same blanket I came home with when Mom picked me up sooooo long ago.   Mom was sooo funny about sleeping with it for the past couple of nights but it will be a comfort to have with all of my smells from home.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Changes are Coming !!

Good Morning -
It is a COLD Sunday morning here in Omaha, Nebraska.  Dad said we will all have to bundle up when we go for our weekend walk around the lake.  However, this one might be my last one ?? but I will tell you about that later.

This week Mom said we needed more "Training Moments" so we headed out on Tuesday.  Mom took Ruthie and me out for a short walk to get our business done then we headed out.  I thought everyone was going but it was just me and Mom.  I don't understand why Ruthie always gets to stay home and lounge around and I have to train ??   Mom said it is college prep ?? and Ruthie has already been to college.

Well, things did not go as planned.  I did my usual - refusing to get in the car - but Mom assisted and into the back of the SUV I went.  Mom did give me a treat though.  We had to drop off a box or something at a house out here at the lake so we were off to do that first.  Sad thing is my car sickness snuck up on me and my breakfast was deposited in the back of the car - twice before we even headed out of the lake for training.  Mom felt sooo sorry for me that she let me come home and stay with Ruthie while she went alone.   Mom even gave me some more breakfast before she left.   Mom bought some real special tasty treats and when she got home we practiced in the house with me and Ruthie. 

It has been soooooo nice here that Mom, Ruthie and me went on more walks around the lake than usual.  We even went with one of Mom's two legged friends and Buttercup a four legged friend.   The only bad thing is that when we go on walks with other four legged friends we don't get to run free on the dike but it is still nice to go out with friends. 

Mom went to the groomers on Wednesday.  She was gone a long time.  I asked if she got a report card when she was done and she said NO.  That night her show American Idol started again.  Mom told us we needed to be quiet and watch with her.  We had to do this two nights in a row. 

Yesterday - Saturday it was sooooooo nice outside.  I heard Dad say the temp was in the 50's.  After Mom and Dad read the paper and had breakfast we all headed out for our walk.  We took our time and doubled back on the dike so Ruthie and I could run free some more.  I love that time !!  Dad even snuck in some training moments. With treats!


Dad was not a happy camper when Ruthie and I found some mud to roll in so when we got to the boat loading dock the ice was broken in a spot and Dad kind of had Ruthie and I take a bath.  The water was cold so we made it quick.  When we got home we had to spend time out on the deck drying off.  It was nice though with the sun shining down on us and heating up the deck.

             Now to the Changes Coming  !!!!!
Mom has been talking with KSDS Guide/Service College and it has been decided I am going back Friday, January 25th for a pre-school physical, some college prep work along with taking my pre-college ACT test.  I am going back earlier than my other litter mates mainly for my physical to evaluate my car sickness issue.   Mom said she will spend lots of time with me this week explaining what goes on at college and to prepare me to leave home for the first time.  She is hoping I don't get home sick - Wonder if that is like car sick ??  Mom will pack my bags, bring my bed and bowls along plus my favorite thing - Science Diet dog food.  I have a big bag still in the basement.  I told her she should leave it here for when I come back but she just got tears in her eyes and said we would talk about that later in the week.
Mom said she will work with me to get me use to dorm life.  The first thing is to get use to a much smaller dorm room so Mom brought in a portable dorm suite.   Mom let me in the room and said me and Ruthie can take turns this week spending time in there.  It is tooo small for the two of us at one time.   However, I spent way more time in there than Ruthie did but my best friend stayed close by and we talked about college life since Ruthie has been there already and graduated.
Not sure if I will be blogging from my dorm or home next week but I will let you know how the trip to college went. More to follow........  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday Vacation is over

Good Morning
Mom says my Holiday Vacation is over plus some.  I have kind of been on vacation and have not been blogging because my blog site was having some issues.  I will try my best to get my post out but if it looks a little funny it isn't me. 

I had a  WONDERFUL !!  time over the Holidays but Mom said - just like them - it is back to the salt mines - whatever that is ?? Let me tell you all about my Holiday adventures -

 First we started with preparing Christmas Dinner the night before. I made sure I was there just in case anything made it to the floor. Mom and Dad had to step over me and one time my tail connected with Mom's foot and I decided it was time to move.
Mom and Dad stayed up late. They set the table for Christmas dinner and wrapped Christmas gifts. I was getting nervous that if they didn't get to bed soon the BIG RED GUY might show up and not come to our house because they were still up.  Ruthie and I decided not to try and stay up and secretly see the Big Red Guy  because if he saw us he might leave without leaving us gifts or filling our stockings.  I am glad to say he stopped at our house and left us great treats to eat, leashes that glow in the dark and two chew toys each.

Our Big Red Guy Gifts
He filled our Stockings too
Mom and Dad
Ruthie and I LOVE Christmas

Mom and Dad had lots of their "litter mates" over for Christmas.  They sang songs, played a game called "Secret Santa" but I never saw Santa there ?? then the small "litter mates" opened gifts.  After that they had Christmas dinner.  Ruthie and I got to spend some time out with everyone but after Ruthie tried to partake in some of the snacks around the house Mom put us in the mud room for a while.   

Mom and Dad then celebrated a Holiday which I heard them call "New Year's Eve"  I thinks a lot of human people celebrate this day but Mom and Dad call it their special day.  That is the day they got married.  Dad sent Mom some beautiful red things.  Ruthie and I greeted the delivery guy and made sure all was Ok before she took them inside. 

After the flowers arrived Mom and me went out for a "Training Moment"
to Hy-Vee.  I have not been on a training moment for a while because of Christmas vacation and KSDS thought it might be good for me to take a break from car rides to see if my car sickness improved.   I am PROUD to say I made it to and back without getting car sick.  I thought I was a good camper at the store with stand/stay.  I don't like to down/stay because I have gotten my tail ran over and if I am standing that won't happen however Mom said I still need to down/stay and learn to tuck my tail in.  I tried sooooo hard to tell Mom I would make a deal - If she would lose the gentle lead I would down/stay but I don't think Mom will ever understand puppy talk.
The next day Dad's BIG RED HUSKERS played football.  Mom and Dad had some friends over and watched the game.  These friends are dog people and we all watched the game together.   Things were going GREAT at first because Dad was a happy camper but all of a sudden he was jumping up and down saying things I probably should not repeat.  I felt soooooo sorry for him because I think this was the last game of the year. 

We have all been going on additional walks around the lake over the Holidays and Ruthie and I just LOVE this.  It is COLD but we keep warm by what Mom calls the "silly run".  The lake is funny looking now????  Mom let us go out on the lake and I heard her say "KSDS puppies are so special they can walk on water"  ??  

Ruthie and I went to the beauty shop after that.  This time we got
to go together.  Mom had Ruthie get the works - bath, hair cut and nails done but I usually just get a bath, trim and nails.  This time however, I got the "Works" too.  I was at first a little nervous but Ruhtie was at the other table and talked me through it.  The nice lady gave Mom a report card and both Ruthie and I received A+. 

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season and the New Year will bring you much HAPPINESS !!!