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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a change !

Things sure can change quickly here on the Farmstead in Nebraska.  Mom, Ruthie and I were watching Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice Friday afternoon - Mom recorded them because Dad was home Thursday night and he doesn't like to watch Mom's shows - and all of a sudden we looked up and it was snowing !!  It was kind of a cloudy day to start with but then all of a sudden everything turned WHITE ! Then about 30 minutes later it was SUNNY !   It was really cool looking outside so Ruthie and I had to investigate.   Mom was taking some pictures of the snow and I can't believe she found me in a private moment and snapped a picture.  Thought I blended into the snow so no one would see me.  Next time I will have to scout out where Mom is and hide from her.  

Mom let Ruthie and I play outside most of the time it was snowing.  We tried to catch the snow flakes which was fun along with rolling around in the white stuff.  When it was time to come in though Mom made us wait on the back deck till we shook the snow off of our coats.   It was later in the day and this had Ruthie and I concerned.  We could see though the door that Mom was in the mud room and we knew what that meant.  Dinner Time !  When Mom finally came back out of the mud room and let us in it was slip sliding away all the way to dinner.  Mom yelled at us to slow down because all of this was happening on her wood floors.  Just to let you know I didn't have to see the "Dog Whisper" and have decided the wood floors are OK to walk on but now I have a phobia of the back deck stairs.  I slipped on them this week when it was icy and now I am scared to come up them.   Mom and Dad have to come down the stairs to coax me up which they are not too happy about especially when it is cold and windy.  They should be thankful they can do their private business inside.

This week Mom and I took two trips out for teaching moments.  I don't understand why Ruthie doesn't have to go and gets to stay home and do whatever she wants ?  This is unfair and I told Mom that however it didn't change the outcome.  Our first trip this week was back to Mom's groomers.  Mom had her nails on her feet and hands clipped and painted.  Mom said I did a wonderful job at down/stay when she was getting her toes clipped but by the time she was getting her hands clipped I was bored and wanting to get up and move around.  Mom finally told me to down/stay and put her foot on my leash.   We stopped at Petsmart on our way home to get some food for Ruthie.  I don't understand why her food doesn't come in a brown box from the UPS guy ? but her dog food's name is Blue Buffalo instead of Science Diet so maybe that is why ? 

Our second trip was to Hy-Vee.  I have mixed emotions about grocery shopping.  I love to go to Hy-Vee because they are sooooo friendly to me but I hate all of the start/stopping we have to do.  I will tell you with great pride I left my breakfast where it should be on both trips - in my tummy !   Mom is still trying to get me to get in the truck by myself but with little progress.   I like challenging Mom like she says she likes challenging me .  LOL !  I usually go to the back of the truck but lately in protest of Ruthie not having to have teachable moments I stay on the floor of the truck.  Mom told me I can do this if I want but I better make sure I have tail tucked in or I might get a surprise I won't appreciate. 

American Idol was on twice this week.  Mom made Ruthie and I watch with her.   There was a cliff hanger at the end of the show on Thursday.  Instead of the top 24 someone will be voted back on to make it the top 25.  Mom has her favorite but isn't telling us.  As you can tell from the picture Ruthie and I are not that concerned.  Just in case you are not an American Idol fan I will update you next week about the cliff hanger.  Did you see what Steven Tyler did on the show ???

Mom's running partner Jane is back in town this week but we have not been able to see her.  When they were running this week is was sooo icky outside with the snow melting that Mom did not take us.  Mom said she doesn't want to spend more time cleaning us up then out running however I heard her say this Sunday was to be in the 50s and she was hoping to take us to the lake with her and go for a walk with Jane.

It is Saturday morning and if you read my Blog you know what happens on Saturdays - Farmstead scanning.  Dad is up and reading the paper and is fueling up.  Ruthie and I are coaching him along but with little progress !  I love the weekends with Dad !  I know Ruthie does too !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Behind Bars !!

Ruthie and I are waiting for Dad to read the Sunday paper and fuel up.  I heard him tell Mom we would be going out to scan the farmstead before he left to visit a client who did something BAD.   He is behind bars and this week I learned what it is like to be behind bars.  Let me tell you the story while we are waiting for Dad.

Mom, Ruthie and I were watching American Idol this week when Mom got up during a commercial and let out a yell !!   Mom thought I was chewing on a doggie toy but when she got up she realized it was our doggie bed that is in the heart room.  Mom was not a Happy Camper and said if I cannot behave myself while watching TV I could spend it behind bars - AKA my kennel.  I could still watch American Idol from behind bars so I didn't miss anything.  Boy, lots of those howlers on the show fainted this week. 

This week had another Holiday in it called "Valentine's Day"  Mom got nice flowers, chocolate, wine and cards.  I saw Mom putting surprises in Dad's briefcase when he wasn't looking and thought we would be getting some prizes too ?  Mom gave us something red that I thought was going to be a surprise but it tasted just like our old treats ?  Mom made a special dinner for Dad along with a chocolate cheese cake.  

This week Mom and I made several trips out.  First we went to Penney's.  Mom really didn't have anything she needed - just wanted it to be a training moment as she calls them.  She made me heel, sit/stay and down/stay and would walk away from me making sure I stay in command.  Mom said I did pretty good.  Lots of people stopped and talked to us and I kind of got bored.  Our next trip out was to Hy-Vee to pick up some last minute stuff for Dad's Valentine Dinner.  I like Hy-Vee - they are sooooo nice to me and always stop and talk to us.  Mom hooks my leash to the cart and I just kind of walk beside the cart.  I watch out for my tail - don't want to get it run over. 

Our next adventure was out to lunch with one of my two legged sisters - Aunna.  My other two legged sister - Meghann  was to be there but she got the wrong Panera Bread and was halfway across town.  I was not to cooperative in the beginning and kept getting up and walking out from under the table but after several stern commands from Mom I decided I better stay on down/stay.  Mom got up and left the table for a minute and I tested Aunna with getting up but saw Mom coming and knew that wasn't the thing to do.  One stern glance from Mom and I knew I better stay down. 

On Saturday is was sooooo nice that Mom took Ruthie and I over to the lake for a walk.  Almost 4 1/2 miles.  Mom would not allow us to get in the water but we did get to run free on the back side of the lake.  I think I found something that could have been a new poo snack but after one taste I DIDN'T like it.  Duck poo !  Ruthie told me I wouldn't like it but I had to see for myself.   Mom said we might go again today to the lake and walk -  toooo muddy out here on the farmstead.  All of the roads are dirt and with the snow melting it is a mud pit. 

Need to sign off - I hear Dad coming and I am not allowed to have the computer out of the office.   Hope we get to spend a lot of time outside before Dad has to leave. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Boring Week !

What can I say?  We really didn't do much this week.  Between the snow, icky sluggish roads/sidewalks and the bone chilling temps - Mom, Ruthie and I spent most of the week home inside.  We watched American Idol again this week and I watched from my favorite place of choice !.  The heart room foot stool.  I like it up there too because I can take my toys or blanket there to play with and Ruthie will leave me along.  Baby the cat sometimes gets up on my stool and I have to chase her away. 

I can say with PRIDE Mom finally got rid of the bells on the door for "Hurry Up".  I told her I would not be a Pavla Dog.  She finally got it that I stand by the door looking at her when I need to go out.  I have her fooled though - Sometimes I just want to go out and I don't have to "Hurry Up"  I just want to go out and play.  Ruthie and I look for snacks but with this white stuff everywhere not much snacking going on.  At least Ruthie and I still get our snacks when we come in from "Hurry Up" and Mom makes us work on the commands on the door.

Mom's friend Jane was back from Italy for one day before she was off for another adventure.  We were all going to go over to the lake where she lives and run/walk but it was soo cold and windy it was called off.  I was still hoping to get to see her but Mom went over to her house instead of Jane coming here.  Mom did come back and told me she might have found someone who talks puppy talk.  Jane's husband.  He was barking at Jane after she cut his hair.  I will have to go see this guy !!

Saturday finally came and that meant time to scan the Farmstead ! First Dad had to read the paper and fuel up then he teased me with putting his hat on my head. He told me I was going to have to wear it outside but I knew it was a HUSKER hat and that wouldn't happen. I have to be careful when I am out in this white stuff because I could just blend in and no one would be able to find me. I make sure I know where Daddy is at all times - First he always has treats in his pocket plus I don't want to get lost ! 
We did the usual chores when we were out plus chased snow balls.  Dad poop flipped while Ruthie and I did our crazy dance around and around in the snow.  We were glad to come back in though - it was only about 10 degrees outside.

Mom sat down with me yesterday and we had a long talk.  She told me I need to get over my phobia I have developed.  I hate walking on the wood floors.  I really don't know why but I guess that is why it is called a phobia ??  She said she might have to contact the "Dog Whisper" because a Guide/Service Dog can not have phobias.  I think Mom is very frustrated with me but she should be in my shoes and try to get around.  That is frustrating !!

Last but not least my favorite package arrived again this week.  Saturday after Mom and Dad got back from the Home Show we opened the box.  It was late and we had missed dinner at the usual time so I was trying everything I could to speed things along and have dinner.  Picture taking was the least of my concerns !!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let it Snow !

My Mom is right about Nebraska weather - Record breaking high temps at the beginning of the week then snow predicted today of around 10-12 inches.  Let it Snow - Let it Snow.  Hope I don't get lost in the snow - Thank goodness I have a black nose.

Our walks this week were sooo nice.  Mom walked with MaeMae our neighbor behind us a few times so Ruthie, Mom and I would walk the back road to her house to get her which meant horse poo snacks and lots of them.  They are soooo nicely round and tasty !  Ruthie was even into them this week.  Along the way I would find deer poo snacks to eat too so was plenty full when we got back to the house.   One nasty thing happened though out on one of our walks.  I wasn't paying attention and was running to catch up with Mom and ran into a wire fence. !!!  Boom !!!  It HURT !!  I CRIED !!  MaeMae was with us and Mom said she was a people doctor but she became a doggie doctor and looked me over.  I cut my tongue a little and scraped my nose but MaeMae said I would be OK.  I learned a lesson !!

Watched American Idol again this week.  I just don't get it ?  I can howl sooo much better then some of those people can sing.  I just wasn't into watching this week so I took a nap.  Mom woke me up and said I needed to watch - She said I could be seeing the next American Idol winner !

Ruthie and I went back to Dogtopia that doggie daycare place this week and had our evaluations however Mom just didn't think they were special enough to take care of her two most special four legged kids.  Mom thought she had a meeting with the owner but after waiting for almost 20 + minutes and the owner would never come out of her office even though we knocked on her office door several times we left.  I heard Mom tell the lady at the counter to have the owner call us at home but she never did.   I didn't like the place anyway so I am glad we are not going.  

Wednesday was Mom's birthday.  Not sure what that is but Mom said I would have one in about 4 months.  Mom said I could have a Birthday Party ?  and invite all of my friends.  Mom said there would be a special cake and gifts like at Christmas.  Can't wait but back to Mom's birthday. 

Mom's birthday started out with my Grandma Keuter taking us out for lunch.  I was sooo excited thinking I was going to get to order lunch but didn't get to.  Mom said they only serve people food.  However, Mom did bring a nice rawhide bone for me and I kind of listened to the command down/under or at least down.  After Mom and Grandma were done eating we all went and picked up a few groceries at the store.   Mom said I did Ok while shopping - I just hate that gentle lead thing !

Before Dad left that day he told Ruthie and I to make sure we ate early because we were not going to get to go along for Mom's surprise Birthday dinner.  Dad said it was too fancy of a restaurant to be a teaching moment.   I told Dad to make sure he took pictures so we could see.

Back to the Snow !!  It started during the middle of the night and I could watch it fall from my kennel.  I dreamed of playing in it all night.  Ruthie and I had to wait around this morning though to go out.  Dad wanted to read the paper and fuel up as he said.  Leftover Mexican food for breakfast.  Mom got out the winter coats and boots and made me try them on.  Thank goodness it was just a fashion shot and I really didn't have to wear them outside.  Ruthie was laughing at me and told me Mom did that to her too.  After Dad finally ate we were out the door. 

It was sooo much fun outside.  Dad got out the big snow blowing machine and started it up after a few words I probably should not repeat.  While he was clearing the driveway Ruthie and I romped and romped around in the snow.   My black nose came in handy for Ruthie to find me.  The only problem with snow is that you can not find deer poo snacks.  Mom said we were snowed in till farmer LeRoy comes with his tractor and plows our lane.  The satellite TV is out and Mom and Dad hope it is back up tomorrow for something called the Super Bowl. 

              Happy Birthday Mommy  :)