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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where was my Mom this week ?

Mom was sure busy this week and wasn't around much so we didn't take any training trips for those teaching moments as Mom calls them.  This is normal for Ruthie - she always gets to stay home and do whatever she wants - but for me this was a first.  I thought I would like it more but I missed being with Mom and you can only take so many naps before that gets old. 

Mom had meetings Monday, Tuesday and Friday concerning things about either selling our farmstead or buying the new lake house.  She spent lots of hours in the office working with Ruthie and I vying for choice spots under her office desk.  Mom kicked us out several times because we would not settle down and were bugging her.  I was concerned that Mom would be on the computer all weekend and I wouldn't get to write on my blog but Mom and Dad are sleeping in since they went out last night and didn't get to bed till late.

It is Saturday and I am hoping Dad will be taking us out to scan the farmstead and do our chores.  We didn't get to last weekend because it was icky weather.  We only have about four more weekends left to do chores with Dad before we move to the lake house. 

Our friendly UPS guy showed up this week and delivered my favorite package !
                                  My Science Diet food.
                         Watch for new and exciting news next week !

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