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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It has been COLD here in Nebraska

It has really been about WINTER here at the lake.  You do such different things in the winter than you do in the summer.  I can tell you this  - My parents can walk on Water !! I always knew they were special but now I know for sure.  However, Ruthie and I only got to watch from the deck.  Mom and Dad were afraid we would run off and jump into the water.  The neighbors next door were digging holes in the ice and putting stings in the holes.  They even had a tent out on the lake.  That was funny looking ??  Mom and Dad played around for a while out on the lake then came up and spent time with us !!


 We went for our weekend walk yesterday but during the night that fluffy white stuff fell on the ground.  Ruthie and I had to wait in the house for Mom and Dad to push the stuff around and clear off the sidewalk and driveway but then off we all went. We had a GREAT time out on the lake dam running with Dad.  He kept going back and forth saying "we needed to run our energy out"  I ran along with Dad but Ruthie is kind of getting a little older so she would jog along then wait for us to come back.  Mom said we even did the funny doggie dance - Running in all directions but going nowhere.   

We were glad to get home because we were getting a little chilled being out so long but had to spend time in the mud room drying off.  Ruthie and I just took naps. 

Mom and Dad left after our naps to go out to lunch with our two legged sisters and Grandma but we still had to stay in the mud room.  Ruthie and I were not too happy about that but I heard Mom say she still does not trust me alone in the house.  I can't wait till she thinks I am grown up like Ruthie.  She gets to stay in the house sometimes when Mom is gone.   It was a special day for Mom which added another number to her age.   After they finished lunch they went and saw a movie named after the state we live in - NEBRASKA - Go figure ??

Last, I thought I would share a pictures of some of my fellow litter mates at KSDS Inc. who are about ready to graduate to their new forever partners and homes.  They were on a break between classes.  I sure wish I could have continued with my college training to become a Guide/Service dog but that stupid car sickness just kept getting in the way.  However, I got to return to my puppy raising family
here and they became my forever loving family.

It is Ground Hog Day and Phil the ground hog saw his shadow so Mom says winter will stick around a little longer !  I am glad for now since I love to run and play in the snow !!