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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Wondering where I have been ??  Enjoying a lazy summer at the lake  !!

I LOVE our weekend walks with Mom, Dad and Ruthie.  We walk around the lake then stop at the boat dock and swim.  Dad throws out sticks that we have picked up along the way - I LOVE to run and jump off the dock and fetch mine.  Ruthie is a wimp and just swims out to get hers.   We spend time down on our beach when Mom is down there watering or picking weeds.  Ruthie and I have figured out where the tennis balls are stored so we don't  have to wait for Mom to get them - just to throw them in the lake for us.

Mom's small garden here at the lake has finally started producitng !!  Nothing like when we lived on the farmstead but Mom says she planted the necessities.  Next summer instead of focusing on remodeling of the house Mom will focus on expanding her garden.
Zucchini for Jelly - Cookies & Muffins

Hawaiin Village Luau
Ruthie had to visit the Emergency Doctor.  Mom noticed a small patch of hair that seemed odd so she investigated and found what she called a Hot Spot.  This was on a Friday.  She put some medication on it but the next day it had expanded and Mom was really concerned.  Since it was a Saturday and our regular doctor's office was not open Ruthie had to go to the Emergency one.  When Ruthie was there the Vet notice an even larger hot spot under her chin.  Needless to say - Ruthie is on three meds and NO swimming !!!   Mom is being fair and since Ruthie can't swim - I can't either.  I don't think that is fair but since Mom still doesn 't understand puppy talk it is what it is !!

Mom and Dad are having fun out on the lake but Ruthie and I have to stay up on the deck and watch.  I am counting down the days that we get to go swimming again.  Mom bought special collars for us to wear now that won't harbor icky germs when we swim but the Vet told her to still take off our collars when we are done swimming till we dry off. 

Mom is making things in the kitchen that make the house SMELL !!  Something call pickle relish and salsa.  After she is done cooking and canning she burns candles that make the house smell like flowers.  Mom is making cinnamon cucumbers now and the whole house smells wonderful.  I wonder if we will get any ?? 


Hope you are enjoying your SUMMER  !!  I sure am !! 
However - I heard Dad say Little Red and HUSKER Football is around the corner  !