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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter is in the air !

Mom was busy with Easter this week.  I went along one day with soooo many in and outs in the car I thought we were playing musical cars.  We went to Lowe's, Walmart, Bed and Bath, Penney's and finally Petsmart.  Mom told me to hide my eyes at Petsmart so not sure what all she bought.  She did however buy a BIG bag of dog food for Ruthie.  She is on a special dog food that smells like fish when you open the bag.  I tried it once when no one was looking and I like my Science Diet much better. 

Mom worked out on the farmstead cleaning out the rest of the flower beds around the house along with the garden. Ruthie and I got to play outside while she did this.  Mom didn't use the big green machine to take the weeds out to the tree line but a yellow wheel barrel.  It tipped over once on the way out and Mom had a few words to say that I can not repeat here !  

The new Groomer came this week.  We didn't have to get in the car and drive there like before.  They come right to the house.  Ruthie went first and I watched from the front door then it was my turn.  The Groomer said Ruthie was an angel but I was acting a little childish but hey I am only 9 months old.  This Groomer trimmed my hair for the first time so I was a little frightened.  We both smelled nice and after we were done at the beauty shop No swimming at the lake when we went for a walk.  Mom wants us to smell nice for Easter plus she says Ruthie and I have a BIG presentation we are doing next week on Guide/Service dogs so it will be awhile before we get to go swimming again. 

Friday Mom cleaned house.  She made Ruthie and I stay in the mud room instead of the deck when she mopped the wood floors.  Last week when Ruthie and I were out there I decided to use the deck railing as a chew toy.  Mom and Dad were not happy campers !!!  Mom said when she was done cleaning she would take us out for a walk but instead Dad and Mom went out for dinner. 

It is a rainy and cool Saturday morning and Mom and Dad are reading the paper.  Dad said he was going to take us out to play before he went to work but that has been axed.  Mom was going to mow but now she said she might go to the store for a few last minute Easter things.  I thought she said the Easter  Bunny brings the surprises but Mom explained the Easter Bunny has helpers just like Santa does.  I hope I get to stay home like Ruthie does.  I still don't understand why she gets to stay home and do what she wants and I have to go with Mom. 

Just one more thing to tell you about this week.  We kind of had a medical emergency this morning.  Dad was petting me and found a BIG fat bug on the back of my neck.  He called it a tick.  Mom got some special medical equipment and Dad removed it and flushed it away.  Mom said she will get some meds and put on Ruthie and I so this doens't happen again.  Dr. Dad !

                         Happy Easter

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