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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall is in the Air - Holidays are around the corner !

It is Sunday morning and Mom and Dad are doing their usual thing.  Coffee, Sunday paper and reading in the office.  I have been bugging Dad with my paw trying to hurry things along so we can go for our weekend family walk.   Weekends are the only time that Mom, Dad, Ruthie and I get to walk together.   I have to wear that stupid gentle lead thing I can't seem to find and hide for half of the walk then we get to run free on the dike before going back on the leashes.  I get to finish our walk with just the lease and NO gentle lead.  Mom has lost the gentle lead when we are on the dike but she always seems to find it. 

Mom and me went out for several training sessions.  Mom was camera happy at Walmart and took pictures of me along with my sister Aunna.  Mom said we were going to have a training moment and go to lunch at the NEW Chick-fil-A but when we got there the line to eat was outside and down the side walk.  I was glad we didn't go in because I knew I would have to stay in a down/stay and with my car sickness I was not sure if everything would stay where it should ??  My tummy was still feeling icky !!

Mom has been  limiting my training sessions lately since I get sooooooooo car sick and after I get sick I don't feel like walking around the stores and I "protest" as Mom says.  Then on top of that the car stinks and for someone who loves to sniff just about everything this smell I don't like !!  Mom sprays air freshener in the car and rolls the windows down but the smell is still there.   I sure hope I out grow this soon - it is no FUN !!

Mom had a very nice guy here last week working on the kitchen removing a wall.  Ruthie and I tried to help him more than once and ended up in the mud room with the gate closed.  I don't understand why since he brought someone here to help him ??  Ruthie and I would have done it for a doggie treat.   We still don't have lights in the kitchen or a phone but everything should be back to normal on Monday.   Mom said the rest of the work will happen after Christmas.  That means the BIG RED guy will be back again :)

My favorite package arrived again from UPS !!  My SCIENCE DIET dog food.  Mom and me were getting a little concerned since my bin in the mud room was getting low.  I tried to sneak and open it but Mom made me wait till Daddy came home from work to open the box.   THANK YOU SCIENCE DIET.  For all of you SCIENCE DIET provides to KSDS - the organization I am getting trained by to be a Guide/Service Dog - the dog food for FREE !!  Way to go Science Diet !!

 Mom and Dad went to the HUSKER Game again this weekend.  Ruthie and I did not get to go along but they took LITTLE RED with them however when they got back home they said they will not do that again.   Before the game they stopped and had some Bloody Mary drinks and Little Red had one to many. Seems like he can not hold his liquor - what ever that means ??   He embarrassed Mom and Dad at the game.  From here on out he will only get to stay in our front yard for games.  Maybe Ruthie and I will get to go next time ??

It was a SAD day in HUSKER LAND even though I heard Mom and Dad say the HUSKERS won the game.  A person named Tom Osborne retired.  Dad has known him for a long, long time !!

Watch the show - Mom and Dad were there holding up one of the red signs.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spooky Things

Mom stayed to her promise that swimming in the lake would stop.  We went out for our weekend walk about two weeks ago - a beautiful fall day - and went swimming but have not been swimming since. I tried to get in the lake once since then and I thought Mom was going to blow a gasket.   Ruthie and I had gone to the beauty shop and Mom did not want smelly dogs in the house anymore.

I am proud that my report card from the groomer said I was well behaved and did not whine when I had my toes done.  I am kind of liking this beauty shop thing - it feels relaxing to soak in the tub and have someone cut and comb my hair.    Mom wanted my tail cut a little shorter when she came to pick me up.  I was a little nervous that they would trim it too short and I might look like a lab.  Nothing against labs but I want everyone to know I am a Golden.   GOLDENS Rule !!

My Grandma Schense had her 560 birthday.  That is in dogie years so not sure what that is in human years ??  Mom and Dad along with my sister Aunna visited the Care Center on Family soup night but I did not get to go along.   With my car sickness still going strong I was happy to stay home.  Where Grandma lives is a long drive away.  I remember driving there as a puppy. 

Ruthie and I had a first - We got to watch BIG RED FOOTBALL with Mom and Dad and some nice people who came over - Mr. Dave and Mrs. Phyllis.  They are dog lovers and Ruthie and I sometimes stop and play with their dog Sadie.   I thought it would be more exciting since all Ruthie and I would hear when we had to stay upstairs was whooping and yelling but both of us fell asleep during the game.   There was a game this Saturday and Mom and Dad went to Mr. Dave and Mrs. Phyllis's house but I think Ruthie and I could vaguley hear them whooping and yelling.  When they got home Dad told me how the HUSKERS scored in the last seconds of the game to win.

Halloween activities were all around the lake this last week.  First Mom and me went to a Halloween party for the people who live on the lake.  There were sure some funny looking people and some scary looking people there.  I didn't get to wear my HUSKER costume because it was too warm and Mom didn't want me to get over heated.  Mom and me visited for a while then went on a hay rack ride.  I am pround to report I do not get hay rack ride sick. 

While waiting for Halloween night Mom had some people from a company called
Breaking Ground
working in the yard.  They were here for several days.  It was nice outside so Ruthie and I watched them sometimes from the deck.  Several times Mom let us out to snoop since they were messing with our "Hurry up area"   I heard Mom say that they are done having people work out in the yard and will start having people work inside. 

Mom was sooooo excited to get all of her special decorations up for Halloween.  Ruthie and I watched and we were not even scared.   First Mom blew them up to made sure they worked then spent the afternoon outside setting everything up.  Ruthie and I were excited to watch since Mom and Dad didn't do Halloween decorating when they lived out on the farmstead.  Mom said there were no neighborhood kids to come over like here at the lake.

 Finally it was dark and the FUN began.  Someone would ring the doorbell and we would give the smaller people
candy if the said "trick or treat"  and the grown up adult kids special things call "Jell-O shots"  Mom even had scary music playing and a thing that made it look like clouds from the sky had fallen down.  We had lots and lots of FUN with lots and lots of funny and scary campers coming to the house.  Some even came in special cars.   Wonder if they got car sick ??

Mom and I have run some errands together after my beauty shop appointment.  Mom says I smell OK to go out in more public places now.  Car sick just about every time.  I am thinking maybe all of the air freshener that Mom sprays in the car so the car smells better is making me sick.  Mom said she will air out the car and no air freshener for the next car ride. 

I am still protesting when getting in the car and Mom has to lift me up.  When Dad weighed me for my monthly report to KSDS I weighed 65 pounds which is why it makes it hard for Mom to lift me up.  I keep hoping that I will out grow this car sickness thing so I will be able to go to KSDS college for Guide/Service dogs and get to graduate.

Last Halloween  - I was just a baby