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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Changes on the Farmstead !

What a storm yesterday !!!  Mom and Dad's weather radio was beeping all day !!  The storm here on the farmstead came around dinner time.  Mom said it was a teaching moment since I have never been old enough to remember lighting and thunder and I need to not be scared.  As you can tell from the picture I passed with flying colors.   Dad went outside during the storm to make sure the water was not getting too close to the house.  It was like a river in the back yard.

Mom and Dad were soooooo excited this week that a family came to look at the farmstead and wanted to buy it.  They came on Monday night and before they left they said they wanted the house.   They came back on Thursday to bring their kids.  I heard them talking that their kids are involved in 4-H and the farmstead will be a GREAT place for them.  I hope they love to run and play here as much as Ruthie and I do.   Maybe before we move I will get a chance to show them all of the neat places to sniff and roll around in along with where all of the snack foods are.  I wonder at the lake if there will be deer and horse poo snacks ?  I don't like the duck poo snacks I ate one time there.  Ruthie and I still have some snacking time left since I heard Mom and Dad say we are not moving till the end of May.

Mom took me with her when she ran errands on Tuesday.   Ruthie again got to stay home.  We went to Penney's, Office Max, Walmart and Lowes.  It was musical cars again.  On Thursday Mom and I did a presentation on Service/Guide dogs.  Mom gave me a pink pill before we left because it was kind of a long drive to get there and everything stayed were it should.  Everyone was sooooo nice to me and I got a lot of attention.  After we left we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart but things didn't stay were they should have on that trip.  Mom was grateful though since I waited till we parked and got out of the car before I lost my cookies.  Those pink bags can be used for other things besides poo. 

Mom was really busy with house stuff this week so kind of got a break in those "training moments"  at home.  I thought I would like that but kind of missed being with Mom so I bugged her a lot by trying to get up on her lap.  Mom put up with me for some time but finally said enough is enough and I had to stop.  I then turned my attention to Dad and since he felt sorry for me I got to get up on his lap but he finally said enough is enough too and I had to stop. 

It is rainy again today so no time this weekend with Dad scanning the farmstead.  Mom said she is planning on baking today because of the icky weather and Dad said he is going to go visit Grandma Schense at the Care Center.  Maybe if I sweet talk Dad he will take me along ?

    Dad, Grandma Schense and Uncle Jeff

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  1. Lynn- It looks like Avalon might need a bigger cape? Is that still her baby cape or is it the Medium cape?