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Sunday, March 25, 2012

News on the Farm !

This week was my Spring Break !  Mom and I took a break from training and spent lots and lots of time out on the Farmstead.   Things are coming up everywhere along with the trees blooming.  Many new smells and things to explore. 

During Spring Break I got to do things my Mom doesn't let me do normally.  The first one Ruthie gets to do all the time and my Mom yells at my Dad for letting her do it.  Dad calls it pre-wash.  Mom caught Dad letting us pre-wash so she grabbed the camera but said after Spring Break is over - NO More !!  After pre-wash Dad and I were put in Time Out to think over what we had done.  I kind of liked it because Dad got down on the floor with me and we snuggled for a while.

Also during Spring Break this week Ruthie, me and Mom went on lots of walks at the lake.  Didn't run into any of the new friends we met last week but still had plenty of fun walking the dike, swimming in the lake and digging in the sand.   Mom says I have become quite the swimmer and stick hogger.  This week instead of having to stay in the mud room to dry off we got to stay out on the deck so no nice candles. 

On Friday Mom and Dad had some exciting news to share with Ruthie and I.  Instead of us getting in the car and driving to the lake for walks and swimming we will now have a house at the lake.  It will be a month or two before they get the house but everyone is sooooooo excited !!!  Ruthie knows about lake living already - when they picked her up to raise as a Service Puppy they lived on the lake.  They moved to the Farmstead when she was about a year old.

Friday was my two legged sister Meghann's Open House launching her new web site and vintage clothes.  She will be blogging like me about exciting happenings in Omaha along with selling her vintage clothes on-line and in her loft studio.  Mom and Dad didn't let me go because they said they would be staying out past my bed time however Mom said she would take me there sometime for a training outing.  Aunna my other two legged sister came to the Open House and they went out for sushi after the Open House while Meghann went to the Omaha Fashion Show.  

It is the weekend and we spent almost all day outside yesterday.  We even had dinner outside.  Mom and Dad got out the big green machine and mowed the yard which is 3 of the 16 acres they live on along with hauling stuff down to the tree line.  Ruthie and I would follow dad on the machine and help.  Mom cleaned flower beds and trimmed plants.  I tried to help her several times by walking all over the beds trying to spread out the mulch but she didn't seem to appreciate it.   She chased me away. 

Towards the end of the day we all took a break before going in.  We went out to the barn and looked around.  It had been closed up for the winter.  Mom and Dad got out the rockers and relaxed on the front  porch of the barn.  I heard them say work out of the Farm is never done !  I don't think though they are doing to spend much time out there today because I heard Dad say he is taking a break and going for his first bike ride out on the bike trails.  He said I can't come because he bikes too fast for me to keep up. 

         Happy Spring Break to Eveyone !!

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  1. Congrats on the new house! Now you can go swimming all the time (just dont let Mom and Dad see you play in the mud :)

    Glad you had a fun day outside!