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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Learning to Swim

Good Morning
I am starting my new post early this weekend.  Mom and Dad are watching the HUSKERS play Michigan St. and Dad has banned Ruthie and I to the mud room.  He doesn't want any interruptions or horse playing to distract him from the game.  He doesn't know however that I hid my lap top to write in the mud room.  During commercial breaks Dad comes in and gives us a treat or takes us out to "Hurry up"  so I have to keep an eye out so he doesn't see me writing.  I am not suppose to take the lap top out of the office. 

First I need to tell you about my day last Sunday.  Mom and Dad got up and read the paper then Dad had to go to the office so Mom, Ruthie and I went to the lake for a long walk and more swimming lessons.  I think this was my fourth lesson - probably getting close to my last with cold temps around the corner - and I LEARNED to SWIM !!  I kind of surprised myself and everyone else too.  Mom threw out a stick for Ruthie and I just followed along.  We did this over and over for about an hour.  I was sooooooo tired after all of the swimming that I had a hard time walking back to the car.  Dinner when we got back home and naps for Ruthie and I in the mud room since we were still wet and had sand in our hair. 

Monday Mom took Ruthie and I back over to the lake for a walk and more swimming.   However, there was this big thing in the lake that made these big waves and I didn't like them so I stayed mostly on the beach digging up pine cones.  Prickly little things.  Ruthie was a swimming machine and went out and back over and over.  When we got back home we all took a nap. 

Tuesday I found out where my beach name came from.  Dad was watching HGTV-House Hunters and all of a sudden they said Avalon Beach - New Jersey.  As soon as I heard that I started watching.  Mom was in the office working so Dad yelled at her to come to the hearth room.  The family on TV bought a vacation house on Avalon beach !  Looked like a pretty nice one.  I should contact them to see if I can come visit. 

On Wednesday Mom gave me my little pink pill then went for her run.  After lunch we headed to the commissary at Offutt Air Force Base.  It it like a HUGE Walmart but everything is groceries.  Mom usually goes there once a month and fills one, sometimes two grocery carts.  We entered the base at the gate and Mom had to show her I.D.  I didn't have one so I just showed them my KSDS vest.  At the Commissary Mom said I did pretty good considering it took us 3 hours to do our shopping.  I didn't get car sick so was feeling pretty good in the store.  I watched out for my tail because there were lots of carts buzzing by and didn't want it rolled over.  Had that happen once before with a wheelchair and it doesn't feel to good !  People were interested in us and some stopped and talked to me and Mom.  Mom even let some kids and their parents pet me.  I tried as much as possible to sit/stay but at times my curiosity got the best of me and I wondered around.  Mom had the leash hooked to the cart so I couldn't go far.   She found that gentle lead thing which I totally despise.  I really need to find that thing one night when they are sleeping and hide it.

This week I kind of blew my confidence with Dad by taking a "Hurry up" late one evening on the nice rug in the living room. Dad woke Mom up from a deep sleep to show her. I am not sure if Mom was more upset about my accident or the fact Dad woke her up to see it ? At least it wasn't my BIG business and no one had to light candles or spray something from the can. 

My Aunt Allison with her two boys and Grandma Keuter stopped by on Friday.  Right before they came I found some more toilet paper and we know what happens when I do that.  Mom was not a happy camper.  She said it was funny the first time around but it is old now.  She cleaned up the paper and tried to flushed it down the toilet but it stuck so she had to get this stick with a bowl on the bottom and pound the water ?  She also told them I am hitting my terrible two's.  Kind of challenging my commands and having a "mind of my own" as she put it. 

Need to sign off - Dad is coming. It is halftime and I think we are going outside.  I heard him say he was going to throw the ball for Ruthie and I so we could burn up some energy.  I think he has burned up all of his energy jumping and yelling at the game.  It makes is distracting to write and hard to take a nap.

Happy Halloween from the Farmstead here in Papillion, Nebraska !

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