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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just another Puppy week

Halloween -What can I say ?  I got to see Batman and Superman.  Fairies and Witches,  Ghosts and Spooks and many, many more of those orange things.  Some of them had faces on them so I guess that is what my Mom meant when she said we would be carving them up.  Some of them were funny looking but some looked scary! 

My week started with a trip to Shadow Lake Mall on Sunday.  It is a BIG out door Mall that is kind of out here in the country like us.  They had Halloween activities going on and my Mom thought it would be a good learning activity for me to be around lots of kids and activities.  I actually heard her tell my Dad since he was going to work all day she didn't want to stay at home alone so not sure if it was really suppose to be a training experience or not ?   Either way we did training on the gentle lead thing I don't like and even got to go for a ride on a long thing pulled by a green thing I think my Mom called a tractor.  I see them around the farmstead sometimes.   While on our ride I met a really nice family and the little girl asked if she could sit by me, then after we got off the ride she walked me back to the Mall center. 

Monday was trick or treat time.  Not sure how that really works since out here on the farmstead no one comes to our house except the Emily who's family kind of lives behind us.  I heard Mom talking to Dad how she misses Halloween from when they lived out at the lake.  She said lots of kids and even adults would come to our house.  Mom bought bags and bags of candy and she said she also gave out orange things called "Jell-O" shots to the adults.  Don't understand why someone would want a small cup of Jell-O but Mom said there was happy juice in them.  Whatever that means ?  However, I think is has something to do with that 21 year old thing ?

While we were out at the Mall Mom stopped at Petsmart and bought a ramp for us to get in and out of the back of her Ford.  Ruthie can jump up in the back if she wants to - I saw her do it a couple of times - but I heard Mom say she has issues and won't do it all the time and Mom has to pick her up.  She weighs in at around 70 pounds and I am getting up there so the ramp is a good thing.  Mom tricked us with treats - dog ones not the ones the kids got - so we would learn to go up and down on the ramp.  I played hard ball so I got lots of treats while Ruthie cooperated and only got a few.   She should have taken my advice and more treats would have been had by her. 

I saw something NEW this week.  First I watched it through the window coming down from the sky then after about two hours Mom let Ruthie and I outside.  Needed to "Hurry up" but didn't know what to do about this white stuff on the ground.  It was cold and wet and my "Hurry up" end didn't like it.  After I found a clear spot to "Hurry up" I explored the stuff Mom called snow with Ruthie.  Ruthie said this is nothing compared to what will be coming this winter.  They have snow drifts out here that cover up the barn and sometimes a big green thing has to come and plow my parents out.  However, Ruthie said it is soooooo FUN to play with Dad out in the white stuff. 

Mom took me with her to Wahoo this week.  Mom and Dad went there again to help Grandma Maryann go through her storage unit.  First it was the pink pill which kind of worked.  I felt car sick but didn't actually get sick.  It was busy at the storage unit so I ended up on my leash tied up.  When we went to the care center I thought I was going to get to visit like I usually do but Mom and Dad were busy with moving stuff into Grandma's room and a meeting so I had to sit/stay quietly.  Mom promised me the next time we go I will get to visit. 

I received another package in the mail this week.  It comes about once a month I think and it is one of my favorite things to do with Dad.  Open my Science Diet Puppy Food !  I tell him to be careful with the knife when he opens the box so nothing spills out.  He puts it in the storage room so when I run out I have another one ready.  Dad usually feeds me in the morning along with Ruthie and Mom in the evening.  Both Ruthie and I have to mind our manners and wait till our dishes are filled with food and water before we can start eating.   At first this was a challenge for me but I have learned if I mind my manners I get to eat sooner.   Mom says I inhale my food. 

Friday some people came over to the house and helped Mom clean out the last of the stuff in the garden.  At first Mom let us hang out with them and run around but after Ruthie and I ran out in the alfalfa field she put the stop to that.  Both of us had selective hearing issues as Mom put it so Ruthie was banned to the barn and I was put on my outdoor leash.  It was still FUN to chase the blowing leaves but sometimes I would forget where the end of the lease was and surprise - dead end !!

Game day on Saturday.  Ruthie and I got to spend a lot of time with Dad outside in the morning scanning the farmstead before he went to work for a bit before the HUSKER game at 2:30.  Mom and Dad at first were going to go to the game and my babysitter was going to come over but at the last minute they changed their mind.  We didn't put Little Red out since the wind was blowing really hard but Dad still put out the HUSKER flags.  Maybe we should have put Little Red out because it was not a good day for the HUSKERS !  However, I think Dad took it pretty good.  I didn't see him crying or anything like that.  Ruthie and I spent some time watching the game with Mom and Dad and some time in the mud room when things were not going too good.  During halftime Dad took us outside to do our business.  I think though the loss affected me more.  I am beginning to be a true HUSKER fan.  I was up several times during the night needing to go out.  Mom was not a happy camper and after the second trip outside she just stayed in the hearth room where my kennel is and tried to fall back asleep on the couch.  Maybe it was the daylight savings time that messed things up but I really think it was the HUSKER game along with K-State game.  I still track them so when I go back to KSDS I know what is what with KSU. 

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