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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is Here !

I don't have much knowledge about the changing seasons but I think I heard Mom say "Fall is here" and I sure like it, however going out in the morning has challenges.  Mom and Dad don't like to get their shoes wet in the frost so I  kind of get free range on going but I don't like to get my feet wet either. I then have to get them wiped down before I come in.  All this takes to long before I can have breakfast.  Also, it is sooooo chilly in the morning when you have been snuggled up in your warm bed all night. 

I just want you to know I discovered something new this week !!  Toilet paper.  Once in the mud room but the big discovery was in my parent's bathroom.  Mom brought me in there while she was getting dressed and I had a hay day before she discover what I was doing.  I thought I was really on the fast lane thinking this was a GREAT way to let her know I needed to go out.  I see them using it when they "hurry up" however my Mom didn't think so.  She thinks I need a bell at the door to ring.  She says other KSDS puppies use it. 

This week I had a new adventure !  The weather was so nice my Mom took me to the lake where they use to live.  Ruthie went too.  I have never seen a bath tub that BIG !  Mom was throwing play toys out for Ruthie to swim out and get so I thought I would go out with her.  Didn't know I could dog paddle ?  However when I figured out what I was doing I panicked and slapped at the water on the way back.  I decided after that to stay on the beach and dig in the sand. I buried some of Ruthie's toys so when we got ready to leave we were on a search and find mission.  

The only bad thing about my adventure was that Ruthie and I had to spend time in the mud room so we took a nap till we dried enough to get out.  My sister takes such good care of me !  My Dad asked my Mom the next day where we had gone the day before and she told him the lake - he then understood why my poo looked so funny !  I will tell you though sand is not as good as grasshoppers. 

Car sickness is always haunting me.  This time it really wasn't pretty.  Mom and me were going for a quick trip out to run some errands and everything happened before we even got off the dirt road from our house.  Mom put an old blanket down just for this and it really came in handy.  First it was the front end with Mom stopping and shaking out the blanket then as quickly as the first one happened the other end produced and it was smelly.  Mom got out again and shook the rug out and unfortunately it landed on her shoe so back home we went.  The short story is that I didn't get to run errands with her. 

We were out in the garden a lot this week.  Finishing up the fall harvest along with picking the few tomatoes that are still trying to turn red.  I was out helping but mostly I was chasing the grasshoppers and eating them.  Someone should invent grasshopper dog food - they are sooo good to eat and there are sooo many of them.  I want you to look at those legs - My Mom says I am all legs !

Mom and I had a long talk this week about my choice profession when I go back to KSDS college..  She thinks I should switch my major from service dog to a bomb sniffing dog.  I am excellent at sniffing out DEER POO !  my new snack of choice.  It is all over here on the farmstead.  My mission is to search, eat and ignore my parents till I am done.  My Dad has issues with my new snack of choice and says my breath smells like S _ _ _ !  I can't say that word since I was told it was a bad word  - however I was told adults can say that word now and then.  I don't think he has smelled Ruthie's breath lately because he hasn't said that about her breath and she is usually out there with me snacking. 

The weekend came and Mom and me did fall decorating.  I mostly sniffed at the corn stock and hay and wondered what those funny orange things were.  Mom explained they were pumpkins and around Halloween we will carve them.  Not sure what that means but anything I get to do with Mom is cool with me.  I might ask Ruthie about pumpkin carving since she has been around during Halloween before.  I also heard my Mom talk to my sister Aunna about Howl-o-ween - a dog trick or treating - and it sounded so cool.  Will update you after we attend.  I think I will go as a HUSKER FAN. 

Saturday it was game day again in Nebraska.  We put Little Red out in the morning so he could remind everyone driving up and down 63rd street to watch the game.  My parents had company over this weekend since it was an away game.  Mom made chili and let it cook all day.  It smelled sooo good but I was told it was people food and I would not be getting any.  Rats !  During the game which started in the evening Ruthie and I spent most of the time upstairs with a young girl who came with a couple my parents invited.  She was sooo much fun to play with and kept us company while the adults yelled and stomped downstairs.  It was not a good night for the HUSKERS or my Dad. 

Check out the things on my TO-DO-LIST.  I am getting some DONE ! 

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