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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trips

It is a foggy day this morning - You can hardly see out the windows.  When I went out to "Hurry up" this morning it looked soooo cool !  I even woke my Mom up at 3:00 am this morning and got to see the fog.

This week was a week of road trips with my Mom.  Some went OK while others did not.  Let me tell you about them.  Our first trip was on Tuesday after the sprinkler guy came and turned off the sprinklers for the year.  Ruthie and I had FUN chasing the sprinkler heads but had to spend time in the mud room drying off.  Mom gave me my pink pill after they left then went for her run while my pill did it's job and this time it worked !  Mom and I headed out to Petsmart and Penney's.  I was not a happy camper at Petsmart.  Mom bought me a gentle lead which I did not ask for and I highly protested !!  I put the breaks on and refused to walk with her but she tricked me with treats.  Not fair.  We then stopped at Penney's and made a return.  I was the entertainment in the return line.  There was a fly which would not leave me alone and I kept breaking command and chasing it around and around.  I finally caught it and ate it.  Not as good as a grasshopper though. 

On Wednesday my Mom worked in the office till the carpet cleaners came to the house.  Mom has a doggie bed under her desk for Ruthie and I but this day I got to be there all by myself.  It is so cozy under her desk and she even snuggles her toes under my belly sometimes when I let her.  Baby the cat likes to be there too but I usually chase her away.  This is DOG country !  After the carpet cleaners left Mom took Ruthie and I for a long walk at the lake.  NO gentle lead !  I didn't get sick since it was a short ride but could feel it coming on - No pink pill.

Thursday was another day on the road.  Again, Mom gave me my pink pill then went for her run.  After lunch we headed out.  My Mom thought maybe if I rode in the front seat that my car sickness might not haunt me as much.  Let me tell you the story.  First we stopped at Penney's.  I stayed in the car while my Mom made a quick return.  We then headed off to see my Uncle Jeff at his work place to give him some peppers from the garden.   That is when everything broke loose !  My Mom went inside to give him the peppers then they came outside to see me.  Well, while Mom was in there you can guess what happened and all over the front seat and sacks on the floor of the front seat.  Mom opened the door and said "#@*!" but then hugged me knowing I was feeling sick.  She lifted me out of the car and Uncle Jeff watched me while my Mom cleaned everything up.  Uncle Jeff is a COOL guy !

Next we stopped at Lowes and I was a hit at the check out lane.
The staff even took a picture of me to post in their break room. Mom was into the gentle lead thing again and I will tell you I protested most of the time I was in Lowes.  Before we headed home we stopped at Walmart and bought some groceries.  My first real grocery shopping trip.  Mom finally took off the gentle lead.  She might have understood puppy talk for the first time but probably it was because she was out of treats and I was not cooperating.  I hope she loses that thing !  I might try and find it and hide it.  Ruthie can help me.

Saturday did not start out to good.  Mom got up and let us out to "Hurry up" then fed Ruthie and I.  She went to her office thinking Dad was getting up and letting us out to do our BIG business.  He didn't and I did my business in the mud room.  When I did Ruthie told me Dad was not going to be too happy and he wasn't.  Mom lit candles and sprayed something out of a can ? 

Another thing Mom is trying with this "hurry up" business is bells on the back door.  She learned that some of the other puppy raisers with KSDS teach their puppies to ring the bells to go outside so Mom wants me to be up to par with the other puppies.  I rang the bell a couple of times this week because I get a treat when I do.  I am thinking about this bell thing and if I want to continue with it ?  Makes me feel like I am a Pavlov dog instead of a service dog.   She has my Dad trained to ring the bell.  He does it every time he lets me out. 

Saturday came and it was HUSKER time again.  We all went outside and put up Little Red.  We played around outside with Dad then Ruthie and I did our BIG business way down my the dirt road.  Dad made us trek up the lane and get his poo shovel so he could flip it out in the field.  He is a great poo flipper !  While the game was on my Mom made Runzas for the first time.  I made sure I was right under her feet in case any thing fell on the floor.  Ruthie usually does this but let me try my hand for the first time.  One thing I also got to try for the first time was something my Dad usually drinks during the games.  It comes in a blue can and when he gets ready to throw it in the trash he sometimes turns it upside down.  Ruthie showed me what to do.   I asked him in puppy talk if I could have my own can but just like my Mom he doesn't understand puppy talk.  Ruthie however said you have to be 21 before you can have your own can.

I can't say enough about Ruthie.  She is so much fun to play with and teaches me a lot about dog life.  She is a grown up therapy dog and knows a lot more words then I do but is patient with me and ever so kind.  I hope I grow up to be just like her.

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