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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Training Vest Arrived

It was a WONDERFUL Fall week on the Farmstead.  A little windy at times but still GREAT outside weather.  Mom, Ruthie and I spent a lot of time outside in the garden and going for walks while Dad took us out after work and we scanned the farm with him.  I really like going out with Dad because he is about playing and messing around outside while when Mom and I go out I usually have to do some work on puppy training. 

One of our walks was at the lake again this week.  We walked with one of my Mom's friends and her dog.  It was a long walk since we went around the lake twice.  We even got to get in the water again.  However, on the way home it was not so good.  A day of FUN can sure be spoiled by car sickness.  I was trying so hard not to get sick because Mom had forgotten to put the blanket down but right before we pulled up to the house it happened !!  I can't believe Mom took a picture !!

Ruthie and I played a lot together this week.  Mom lets us out of the mud room to play now since I am pretty much "Hurry Up" broken.  I think I only had two accidents this whole week.  One when Mom ran some errands and I drank too much of Ruthie's water then last night when Dad was letting us out during the Nebraska football game and he let Ruthie out first instead of me and said "Hurry Up" and I was still inside.  He picked me up when he saw what was happening and outside we went missing the game braking touchdown for the Huskers.  Thank goodness they replayed it over and over several times.  We didn't get to bed till late since it was another evening game and Dad is always so excited.

I was going to go out with my Mom to have lunch with my sister Aunna for her birthday but my vest had not arrived yet and people don't know why I would be in a restaurant unless I have that on.  Ruthie and I played in the mud room then took a nap while Mom was out.  We were going to go on a visitation but it was rescheduled.  Something to do with the school system's policies on having service puppies in the classrooms.

On Friday we had company or kind of company.  My Mom got new curtains upstairs and downstairs.  At first Ruthie and I got to stay out with everyone but after we kept taking stuff and thinking they were play toys I had to go to my kennel and Ruthie went to the bedroom with the door shut.  Good thing was that after they left we went for a LONG walk out on the county road. 

This Saturday was game day again.  Late game.  Little Red stayed in the garage this weekend.  WINDY !!  I was concerned if he didn't come out that would jinx the game and it almost did.  We pulled it out at the last minute! I don't think I have ever heard my Dad yell and jump around as much as he did last night.

One thing exciting that happened for me on Saturday was my training vest arrived.  I tried it on and it is a fit! I jumped and yelled just like my Dad.

On Sunday Mom and Dad  worked out in the garden while Ruthie and I played outside.  They said they were harvesting the last of the crop but I have heard that before.  Mom had a lot of long orange things she was working on.  Ruthie snuck one and was eating it - Dad was not to happy.  Mom  took a break and gave me a motion sickness pill so that when she was done she and I could go out for our first official outing.  We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Penney's and the Dollar Store at the Mall then walked around for a bit.  I even deposited a large poo that my Mom cleaned up - so proud that it all happened outside when she told me to "hurry up" and not inside plus I didn't get car sick ! 
Mom also stopped at Petsmart but I didn't get to go in.  She finally bought that new LARGER food bowl along with a new water bowl.   When we got home we tried it out.  Nice silver ones. 

After dinner my Mom put the new collar on me she bought at Petsmart.  A grown up one.  It kind of matches my new vest.  Need to keep up with the fashion trends. 

Tonight everyone is going to bed early.  We all stayed up too late after the HUSKER victory.  I still think I need to watch some Kansas games so when I go back to KSDS I know what is what and can hold my own down there.

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