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Monday, October 17, 2011

I am a TV Star !

It was another WONDERFUL week on the Farmstead !  Nice fall temps with a little rain here and there.   More trips out to the garden with my Mom saying the last harvest of the peppers !  I saw her cutting up those long orange things one night this week which turned her fingers a funny color.  There were a few still in a basket in the mud room which I tried to taste one morning but Mom caught me and took them away. 

We went for two walks at the lake this week.  I surprised myself again by swimming out with Ruthie but when I discovered I was swimming I panicked and pounded on the water coming back.  Mom then threw the sticks closer for me so I didn't have to swim to go get them.  Water is getting COLD so don't know if we will be getting in again.  I was shivering on the way home so Mom turned on the car heater. 

Off to the Vet for my last set of shots for a year ?  They gave my Mom my rabies tags for my new collar but I am calling it my new Bling !  All of the pretty pink is now gone.  No more pink food bowls, collar, leash or baby diaper bag.  I now have blue and black to match my puppy in training vest.  I weighed in at 29 pounds. 

I heard the Vet and my Mom whispering about something called surgery ?  that I will need in a couple of months.  I was trying to listen to what they were saying but this cat in the Vet's office would not leave me alone.  I asked him if he knew anything about something called surgery and he said you won't like it.  I will have to ask Ruthie about this.  After we left the Vet's office we stopped at Shadow Lake Mall and Hy-Vee.  I will remember Hy-Vee because they give out puppy treats !
Friday night Mom and Dad took my sisters Aunna and Meghann out for their birthdays.  I was hoping I was going to get to go to my first restaurant and have Italian food but Ruthie and I had to stay at home.  Mom felt sorry for us having to stay in the mud room for the evening so she gave us a special treat to chew on.  When they got home I was soooo excited when I heard them talking about all of the dogie bags they brought home.  I was thinking treats for Ruthie and I but I was wrong.  Ruthie explained to me that they should really call them human baggies because it is the food leftover from dinner that they bring home to eat later.

Now to the BIG EVENT of the week.  My Mom entered us in a contest on a local TV startion WOWT Channel 6 and we won breakfast with Serese the morning anchor at the Hy-Vee store out on 132nd and Dodge.  This Hy-Vee store was way out in west Omaha so it was a big trip for us.  My Mom woke me up at 5:00am and let me "hurry up" outside but I didn't get breakfast.  Instead Mom gave me a little pink pill that she said would help me not to get car sick.  She told me we would all be having breakfast at Hy-Vee however I saw Mom putting puppy food in a baggie in the back pack so I knew it would be puppy food for me not human food.                       

We arrived at Hy-Vee a little before 7:00 and were live on TV around 7:20 and again about 20 minutes later.  The first time I was not on TV so before the second interview Mom picked me up and a STAR was born !  We had a GREAT time and got to see a lot of people plus talk to some of them about puppy raising and service/guide dogs.  I wore my KSDS vest with pride !

On Saturday my Dad thought it was time to make sure I understood Kansas football for when I go back to KSDS so we watched the
K-State game.  Really though I think it was only because the HUSKERS didn't play this weekend.  Either way I love to watch football with my Daddy !  I even got to get up on the couch and watch.   

On Sunday Mom and  Dad along with my sisters and other aunts, uncles, cousins and some friends went to Wahoo to the care center to see my Grandma Schense and go to Mass.  Mom woke me up again early to have me take my pink pill because I was going to get to go along but things kind of went down hill from there.   The Ford was all loaded up when she went out to get in the car and she had a flat tire.  I heard Mom and Dad talking out in the garage from the mud room where I was waiting and I think they said some words I can't repeat again.  So a long story short I didn't get to go because Mom had to drive my Grandma Keuter's car and just in case the pink pill didn't work Mom didn't want a mess in her nice car.

When Mom got back though we had a nice evening.  Mom let Ruthie and I out to play while she mowed the field grass then we messed around outside with Dad when he got back from Wahoo.  Ruthie and I even  got to have dinner outside just like a picnic.

After dinner Dad went to the office and we went inside and watched Extreme Makeover.  It is one of Mom's show she likes to watch.  I helped her fold some laundry - actually I just liked steeling the socks before we all went to bed early after a busy weekend.

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