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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Case of the Missing Ear Plugs

This is Avalon's Mom.  Avalon - Guide/Service Puppy in Training is on Christmas vacation so I thought I would tell you a story about a mystery at our house.

It all started a few nights ago when my hubby went to bed and could not find his ear plugs he wears to keep the sound out.  I don't understand why he wears them because he has to turn on noise to fall asleep i.e. ceiling fan and a fan in the room.  He went to put his ear plugs in and they were missing so we searched the table, floor and under the bed with no luck ??  He then got out a new pair and all was well.

Night two.  Again, getting ready for bed and the mystery continues ??  Missing ear plus.  We looked for them again with  no luck.  We thought the cat was getting up on the table and playing with them and they fell under the dresser ? Another pair of ear plugs came out and all was well again. In the morning though my hubby put them kind of behind the books on his night stand so the cat could not get to them.

Night three.   Bed time and NO ear plugs.   Could not figure out how they kept coming up missing so my hubby got out his last pair and in the morning was going to hide them in a drawer. When he got up though he put them on the bed side table  ??????

We thought the mystery might be solved as we saw Avalon snooping around the table and looking up on the dresser.  We didn't think she could actually get up that far on the table but never say never ??

Out we all went for our weekend walk around the lake and our puppies business "Hurry up"  We have a great spot  for this right beside a big garbage can before the dogs get to run free for a bit. 

Well, here is where the mystery ends.  Our suspicions were confirmed as my hubby was picking up the "Hurry up" and a few orange ear plugs were discovered in the mix.  Now his ear plugs are kept in a drawer. The End thankfully.

The Mystery Ear Plugs

Out on the Find

Avalon will be back next week.  Vacation will be over and we will see if a break in car rides/training will help with her car sickness. 

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