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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving and Holiday Decorating

I officially have two major Holidays under my belt or rather leash.   Ruthie, Me, Mom and Dad had family over for a BIG dinner.  Mom cooked for two days but when it came time to eat I think they ate their Thanksgiving dinner as fast as Ruthie and I eat ours.   Mom said I could be in charge of the camera so I took pictures instead of Mom taking them of me.

Mom - I didn't mean to jump up and try to get a snack !

Thanksgiving week was busy here at our house.  Mom went to the commissary to buy groceries for the BIG dinner but I did not go along.  Mom said there would not be enough room in the Ford after she picked up everything on her list.  I saw it and it was two pages long and that means Mom would be filling up two groceries carts.  I did get to go to Target and buy the Bid Bird with Mom.  However, my friend "car sickness" visited on the way home.  I heard Mom talking to KSDS about my car sickness and they gave Mom some things to try to help me - I hope they work !!!  Mom said I could have a break in training and riding in the car during the rest of the week. 
Mom and dad have been busy decorating the outside of the house.  I kind of remember all of the red and green things from last year - and the BIG RED GUY !!  Mom said I better be nice because if I am naughty Santa will not bring me gifts like he did last year.   I hope this doesn't include car sickness !!

Mom keeps telling me it is winter but it was sooooooo nice outside this week that Mom took Ruthie and I on several of  her runs along with the walks we usually do.   I had to wear my gentle lead running while Ruthie just had to wear her collar.   I was not a happy camper about that.  However, Mom made up for it by letting us run free longer on the dike.  No swimming though.  Not warm enough for that.

Yesterday was another beautiful day outside and Ruthie and I along with Mom and Dad went for our usual weekend walk.  Mom found this reindeer hat in her Christmas decorations and for some reason everyone had to get their picture taken with it on except Dad.  How silly !!  Mom said she has some other doggie Christmas collars for us but we will have to wait till she gets in the boxes in the basement.   I can't wait ??  More pictures. 

Last night Dad's Huskers played football !!  It was not a happy time in our house.  I thought Dad was going to cry.  He was happy one minute then jumping up and down and yelling the next.  He was kind of scary but I still  tried to comfort him.  While Huskers were playing Mom started decorating the Christmas tree.  Ruthie and I watched and even tried to help out a few times by picking up stuff that fell on the floor. However, Mom always made us give it back.

This week Mom is going to try one of the ideas KSDS said might help with my car sickness.  Dad is going to get my kennel down today from the attic and Mom will put it the back of the Ford then will cover it up with a blanket when I am in there riding.   Mom has several trips planned for this week and she told me I would be going along for those "training moments" as she calls them.   Mom is really getting nervous about my car sickness and being able to go to KSDS college for Guide/Service Dog training.  Mom feels I am kind of behind already since I don't go out on training ventures as much as I should.  I heard Mom say that if this new game plan doesn't work I might have to go back to KSDS after the first of the year and see the doctor and get evaluated.

The Big Red Guy and Me - From 2011
Happy Holidays in 2012

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