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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holiday Vacation is over

Good Morning
Mom says my Holiday Vacation is over plus some.  I have kind of been on vacation and have not been blogging because my blog site was having some issues.  I will try my best to get my post out but if it looks a little funny it isn't me. 

I had a  WONDERFUL !!  time over the Holidays but Mom said - just like them - it is back to the salt mines - whatever that is ?? Let me tell you all about my Holiday adventures -

 First we started with preparing Christmas Dinner the night before. I made sure I was there just in case anything made it to the floor. Mom and Dad had to step over me and one time my tail connected with Mom's foot and I decided it was time to move.
Mom and Dad stayed up late. They set the table for Christmas dinner and wrapped Christmas gifts. I was getting nervous that if they didn't get to bed soon the BIG RED GUY might show up and not come to our house because they were still up.  Ruthie and I decided not to try and stay up and secretly see the Big Red Guy  because if he saw us he might leave without leaving us gifts or filling our stockings.  I am glad to say he stopped at our house and left us great treats to eat, leashes that glow in the dark and two chew toys each.

Our Big Red Guy Gifts
He filled our Stockings too
Mom and Dad
Ruthie and I LOVE Christmas

Mom and Dad had lots of their "litter mates" over for Christmas.  They sang songs, played a game called "Secret Santa" but I never saw Santa there ?? then the small "litter mates" opened gifts.  After that they had Christmas dinner.  Ruthie and I got to spend some time out with everyone but after Ruthie tried to partake in some of the snacks around the house Mom put us in the mud room for a while.   

Mom and Dad then celebrated a Holiday which I heard them call "New Year's Eve"  I thinks a lot of human people celebrate this day but Mom and Dad call it their special day.  That is the day they got married.  Dad sent Mom some beautiful red things.  Ruthie and I greeted the delivery guy and made sure all was Ok before she took them inside. 

After the flowers arrived Mom and me went out for a "Training Moment"
to Hy-Vee.  I have not been on a training moment for a while because of Christmas vacation and KSDS thought it might be good for me to take a break from car rides to see if my car sickness improved.   I am PROUD to say I made it to and back without getting car sick.  I thought I was a good camper at the store with stand/stay.  I don't like to down/stay because I have gotten my tail ran over and if I am standing that won't happen however Mom said I still need to down/stay and learn to tuck my tail in.  I tried sooooo hard to tell Mom I would make a deal - If she would lose the gentle lead I would down/stay but I don't think Mom will ever understand puppy talk.
The next day Dad's BIG RED HUSKERS played football.  Mom and Dad had some friends over and watched the game.  These friends are dog people and we all watched the game together.   Things were going GREAT at first because Dad was a happy camper but all of a sudden he was jumping up and down saying things I probably should not repeat.  I felt soooooo sorry for him because I think this was the last game of the year. 

We have all been going on additional walks around the lake over the Holidays and Ruthie and I just LOVE this.  It is COLD but we keep warm by what Mom calls the "silly run".  The lake is funny looking now????  Mom let us go out on the lake and I heard her say "KSDS puppies are so special they can walk on water"  ??  

Ruthie and I went to the beauty shop after that.  This time we got
to go together.  Mom had Ruthie get the works - bath, hair cut and nails done but I usually just get a bath, trim and nails.  This time however, I got the "Works" too.  I was at first a little nervous but Ruhtie was at the other table and talked me through it.  The nice lady gave Mom a report card and both Ruthie and I received A+. 

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season and the New Year will bring you much HAPPINESS !!!

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