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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Car Sickness :(

I thought I would update you about my Mom's attempt to help me get over my CAR SICKNESS.  Deb at KSDS talked to my Mom on the phone and she gave Mom a suggestion to put my kennel in the back of the Ford and cover it up when we are riding. 

First time Mom and me were going to go out it didn't happen.  Mom was sooooooo MAD at me.  Mom took Ruthie and I for a walk to get our business done and energy out and I decided it was warm enough to go swimming in the lake then roll in the sand and mud.  To tell you the truth is wasn't worth it.  Mom hosed me down when we got home and I had to spend time in the garage drying off.  When it was time to leave I still smelled like wet dog and got to stay home. 

The next time around we went for our walk to get everything done but Mom did not let me near the water.   She put the kennel back in the Ford and covered it up with an old blanket.  I watched to make sure the accommodations would be OK.

Next she lifted me up and helped me in the kennel.  It was nice and cozy and after I sniffed around a bit I laid down and both Mom and I waited with anticipation to see if  everything was going to go as planned. 

I am SAD to report both attempts to ride in the car without getting CAR SICK failed.  The first time Mom still made me get out and go into the grocery store but the second time she felt sorry for me and just ran her errand and we came home.   Mom said we will not go out again with the kennel venture till she talks to Deb at KSDS again.  I feel like I am disappointing Mom but I just can't seem to shake off this car sickness thing !
Mom and Dad finished up most of the Christmas decorating this week. It is soooooo pretty inside and outside. Mom wanted a picture of us in front of the Christmas tree and it took several tries :)
Ruthie walked away - I was trying to

I tried to give Mom a kiss

Dad did it  !!!

Happy Holidays !!!!!!

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