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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slow week on the Farmstead

What can I say - It is winter in Nebraska ?  Ruthie and I spent time in the warm sunshine by the front door.  Baby the cat tries to hog the warmth but I am always successful in chasing her away.  Ruthie however likes her to stick around and make patties on her.  Mom says it is a kitty massage. 

Mom took us out on Tuesday to a place called "Dogtopia"  It is a doggie day care.  When we went to visit though Ruthie and I had to stay in the car because we didn't have a special shot needed to come in.   Mom toured the day care and talked to the owner - Nicholle.  Mom made an appointment for us to come back next week and go through an evaluation and if Ruthie and I pass we get to go play with other dogs there.  New friends !! and new adventures !! 

Thursday Mom took Ruthie and I to the Vet's office - Heartland Animal in Papillion - to get our kennel cough shot.  I wasn't too excited about this and told Ruthie she could go first.  I waited out in the lobby.  I remember the last time I was there they made a BIG scar on my tummy that hurt for a long time.  I am still waiting for my puppy hair to grow back out.  Mom also had our nails done but when I asked the Vet to polish my nails like Mom has hers done the Vet just didn't get it.  You would think he would understand puppy talk but he doesn't.  The only person I know that understands it is the Big Red Guy called Santa. 

Mom is on her mission as she says to work on my "Commands".  Every time now when I come in from "Hurry Up" Mom makes me do two or three of the commands.  The Commands are still up on the door and Mom marks the ones we do.  Mom has a chair in the middle of the living room and makes me sit/down/under plus go up.   Ruthie does them right away and I told her she was puppy whipped.  She will even do them without treats which I told her she shouldn't.   I make Mom work at it !!  If I have to work she has to work !!  I just hope the treats don't run out.  However, I saw Mom filling the treat cup and made my own assessment of the situation.  Looking good !!  Science Diet is soooooo GOOD to me. 

Mom's show American Idol was on again this week.  Mom says it will be on for a long time till they announce the winner ?  There are some really weird people who come on the show.  I can howl better then they can sing.  I wonder if there is a Puppy Idol show ?  I would try out for that.   Mom let's me watch from the foot stool if I behave myself.    I guess I am special because Ruthie has to watch on the rug in front of the TV. 

Ruthie and I went out with Dad this morning.  I think for about an hour and a half but I just heard Dad say that.  I don't know how to tell time yet.  Dad did a lot of poo flipping - He hasn't flipped for over a week.  I heard him say he likes flipping better in the winter because everything is frozen and no smells.  I however like the smell of poo.  Tells you a lot about a fellow four legged friend.  My favorite snack is deer or horse poo.  After having a few of the snacks this morning I finsihed it off with a little fresh green grass in the flower beds.

We fed the livestock - It has been sometime and all of the feeders were low.  I tried to help Dad fill the feeders but I really was just trying to have a snack of bird feed.   Mom cut back on Ruthie and my feedings because the Vet said our girl figures were looking a little pudgy.  Ruthie much more then me :)  I am not sure why having a girl figure is important since Mom said the boy dogs were not going to be too interested in me after I had my girl surgery.

I was soooooo excited when the door bell rang this morning after Ruthie and I came in.  It was the UPS guy but the package wasn't for me from Science Diet.  It was for Mom.  She got two new shirts from KSDS.  We will look sooooo styling when we go out now. 

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