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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mom's Turn

I am Avalon's Mom and Avalon asked me to write on her blog this week.  Avalon had surgery on Tuesday and has kind of been out of commission all week.  Let me tell you the story-

Avalon and I were off to the Vet's Office on Tuesday morning.  She had to be there by 8:15.  We arrived a little late because I was working on the computer and watching the "Today Show" and spaced out the time.  No big deal since we got there at 8:30.

First Avalon had to weigh in again.  I think Avalon was trying to tell the Vet no girl likes to be weighed in public since she was refusing to get on the scale but after a few tries her weight was there posted on the screen for everyone to see.  Next Avalon and I went in one of the exam rooms and the Vet explained to us what would happen during surgery when you get spayed and what to expect and do after surgery.

I was able to take her back to her holding kennel and say "Good-Bye".  I told her to behave and I would be back later in the afternoon to get her.  This was old hat to me since this was my fifth time taking a service puppy in to get spayed. 

Bringing up five puppies let me tell you a few stories about the other service puppies that have come into my life.

My first one was "Charlie"  She was named after actors in Charlies Angels.  A dark golden who was an A+ puppy.   She could do no wrong and basically didn't.  She did however like chewing and did take out a few chair legs and a corner of the kitchen.  I learned after that to have lots and lots of chew toys around at the very beginning to encourage chewing on those.
Next was "Cali" a yellow lab named after a city in Africa.  The only lab I raised.  We took Charlie back and picked up Cali.   I remember being in the car and my husband and I crying because we just turned in Charlie.  Cali was crying in the back seat in her kennel.  I can tell you stories about Cali.  I think she was my C- puppy but the one who had the most loving/excitable behavior.  She was the first to poo right in front of the meat department at Walmart and even wondered off one time in Walmart.  They did a missing dog announcement and the Walmart greeters/staff blocked off the exits.   She was found eating a peach in the produce section.  Cali also had a VERY sensitive stomach and many things upset her stomach and caused things you did not what to happen out in public.

 On one such trip to Walmart it happened right in the exit area.  I saw her back humping up and dropped everything to run for the door but we didn't make it.  Everything ran down the grates on the floor and dug itself in.  I took her out to the car and me along with several Walmart staff members had to remove the grates and mop up the floor.  Cali actually went back a little early because of her stomach issues but it seems like after she left and quit swimming in the lake her problems went away. 

"Paris" was the next golden.  She was named after an author.  Paris I would say was my B+ puppy.  One thing I did with Pairs was have my first puppy shower.  I watch the Animal Planet and at the time that was one of their series.   Paris was the last dog that our family dog Bailey was a foster Mom to. 

Bailey our family golden passed away shortly after Paris went back to school for training.   Bailey was only 6 1/2 years old.  I had taken her in to get her shots and the doc said she had a fever and swollen glands so sent us home over the weekend with antibiotics.  We went back on Monday and the Vet thought more testing was necessary and by the next day we were told she had stage 4 lymphoma.  More testing was done and on Friday we started the first of six rounds of chemo.

 She was not able to come home - complications from the chemo and passed away the following Monday.  I remember the Vet telling us if we just managed her lymphoma she could be with us for awhile maybe but chemo was her chance to be with us for a long time.  He said if she makes it you will be soooooooo happy and if she doesn't you will wish you never did it.  I can say looking back I wish we would have managed it and would have had time with her no matter how long it might have been.

Next came along "Ruthie" my A- dog.  I asked if I could raise a service puppy then train and get certified as a Therapy Dog Team so that is how Ruthie came into our lives.  We took along one of Bailey's favorite stuffed toys and said the first puppy that got it would be the one we brought home.  Ruthie was the only puppy we got to name.  She had to be named after someone famous with George as their name.  Babe Ruth's first name was George.   Ruthie broke her leg and had to be in a cast along with moving with us from the lake out to the acreage we live on now.  I went for training for five days and Ruthie and I passed with flying colors.  Ruthie and I then started doing presentations on Service Dogs and going to nursing homes, schools,  the YMCA etc. to visit.

Back to Avalon for a few minutes before I post.  She is feeling much better today and went outside with my husband and Ruthie to go down to the road to get the paper and scan the farmstead.  Avalon though has developed a weird behavior after surgery.  I don't know if it is the meds affecting her or what but she all of a sudden will not walk on the wood floors and since most of our upper level except for the living room is wood this did not leave her much room to move around.

 My husband had a talk with her then offered her treats and she agreed to at least walk on the wood floors to get breakfast and dinner.  Hope this goes away - Really don't want to have to start psycho-therapy with her before she goes back to KSDS.

Hope you enjoyed the blog this week - Avalon will be back next week with new and exciting adventures to share.  I have planned several outings to expose her to new and different adventures to continue her social training.  I hope her terrible two's pass soon and we get back on track.

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