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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am BACK !

Hi - everyone.  I am feeling much better and back to my old self.  My scar is looking much better but the Vet sure didn't give me a bikini cut ?  Mom thinks though the stuff that they gave me so I would not know about the surgery effected my listening to the command center in my brain !  I heard her tell that to a few people while we were out this week.  It was kind of a busy week but a few things we were planning on doing Mom canceled.  I am thankful because it was really COLD here this week.

Tuesday we were off to Shadow Lake Mall.  Mom said I am getting too big to lift in the back of the Ford so she made me climb in through the side door and get in the back.  However, I like it when Mom picks me up so I played dumb which frustrated Mom.   This gets me treats !! so I finally climbed in.  Mom and I stopped at Office Max before going to PetSmart.  Mom left me pick out a new toy and treats before we stopped at the gentle leads.  Mom  bought a larger one.  Right !! as if I am going to like this one more !  I planned on watching where Mom put it so I could hide it but she outsmarted me.

Wednesday we were off to Lowes and Walmart.  Another try at climbing in the side door of the car several times which landed me more treats.  Mom said I was acting stubborn ! and she was disappointed in me.   Little does she know I have her trained.  Hope she doesn't figure that out.

On both of these trips I kind of protested as I heard Mom say.  I hate it when I get car sick !  Mom thinks it is just me being in my terrible two's but when you only get fed twice a day you want to make sure you keep everything where it should be.  There is limited poo snacking with snow back on the ground. 

Now I need to tell you something about a show Mom has been waiting to return - AMERICAN IDOL !  Mom made Ruthie and I watch the show with her and behave ourselves.   We had to do this two nights in a row.  I heard Mom saying the show will be on again tonight so I know what we will be doing.

Thursday I was going to go to the commissary out at Offutt Air Force Base and get groceries with Mom.  At the last minute Mom changed her mind after she looked at her grocery list and since she thought the groceries would take up the back of the Ford I got to stay home.  I was glad.  Grocery shopping is the least favorite thing I like to do.  Start - stop / Start - stop.  Plus it was soooo COLD !

Friday night Mom said we were going to the Sarpy YMCA for a teaching moment.  They were hosting family activities with lots of families and kids attending.   I wasn't interested in going so I did the protest thing before leaving - protest thing getting in the car then kept up what Mom said was the terrible two's.  However, it was so FUN to have all of the kids come up and talk and pet me.   I wanted soooo bad to chase after the balls in the gym but Mom made me sit/stay or at least tried to make me sit/stay.   If report cards were to be given out Mom said I would probably have gotten a C. 

Mom is determined to get back on track so while I was taking a nap on Saturday she got on the computer and made up a list of commands for me to work on.  She put them on the back door.  Now when I come in after "Hurrying Up" Mom makes me do one of the commands and sometimes WITHOUT treats.   Mom told me she can be as stubborn as I can be.  I thought Mom wanted me to be a free thinking puppy/dog but I guess there are a few things that I just don't have a choice to learn. 


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