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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The New Year - 2012

My week started with my Dad and me watching the HUSKERS play in their Bowl game.   Everyone had to be in their Husker attire. Things did not go so well and Dad told me not to mention anything about the game.  I guess if you are a Husker Fan you know the skinny !  I did get to spend some time with Dad, Mom and Ruthie watching the game.  Dad didn't seem to be doing his usual yelling and jumping up and down so Ruthie and I got some shut eye.   Mom made some snacks for the game along with peanuts which Dad shared a few with Ruthie and me.  I always made sure I was first in line.

This week Mom started to finally feel better so Ruthie and I got to go on four long walks out on the farmstead with our neighbor MaeMae.  MaeMae usually walked me and Mom had Ruthie. One time when we were going to go pick up MaeMae we went all the way to her house and I got to see some BIG - BIG dogs.  Mom explained they were horses not dogs and I needed to stay out of their kennel.  I must tell you - Horse poo snacks are much better then deer poo snacks.   Ruthie didn't seem too interested in snacking but Mom said she has tried them many times before.  Dad would sometimes come home and say "Ruthie's breath smells like S _ _ _ " and Mom would say she just ate some !

When we went on one of our walks with MaeMae she bought along some Christmas presents for Mom and us.  For us three new stuffed animals to play with.  Mom gave us 15 minutes to have them torn apart and I think we accomplished it.  They are now deflated and one already in the trash.  Poor guy.  I also got a designer collapsible water dish.  Mom put it in my diaper bag.  It matches my cape so I will now be styling !

My favorite thing in the world arrived again this week - My Science Diet food.  Dad opened the box this time without me around and I was sooooo disappointed.  I lectured him about this but I am not sure if he understand puppy talk either ?  He did leave it out for me to see before it was put away. 

Mom and I went to the the Vet office on Friday.  Mom said something about pre-surgery blood work.  I didn't think to much of them poking me with a needle in the arm to get some red stuff but I did get a treat afterwards.  The Vet explained to me what would be happening next week and the reason for the surgery.  I will not have to use birth control when I grow up - not sure what that is anyway he did not explain that - but boys probably will not think I am a hot chick anymore which in my opinion is a good thing.  I really don't think much of them anyway.  I now weigh in at 46 pounds.

After the Vet visit Mom and I stopped at her Nail place and I got to go with her for the first time.  First she sat in this BIG chair with a bath tub in front and had her toes clipped.  Wonder if she likes it as much as I like it ?  Next we moved to another chair with a table in front and she had her other nails clipped.  This place paints the nails - I will need to talk to my groomer about this next time I go.  Mom said I did really good  at down/stay when she was in the Big chair but when she was at the other one I was done being a good puppy and tried to get up and wonder around.  This made it difficult for Mom's groomer to do her work.   Wonder if Mom gets a report card when she is done like Ruthie and I do at our groomers ? 

It is Saturday and Dad, Ruthie and I have been outside already.  Filled the bird feeders, played ball and Dad did his weekly poo flipping.  Dad is going to be home today but will be working all day tomorrow.  Big days in Court Monday and Tuesday.  Mom told me to pass along another book she read that she got for Christmas.  The Puppy Diaries.  Mom said the puppy's name is Scout after a little girl in a book/movie that is one of my Dad's all time favorites - To Kill a Mocking Bird.   Scout and I could be twins at least in looks - Mom says so far I have been much better behaved.

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