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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Up with the Birds

It is Sunday morning and Mom, Ruthie and I are up with the birds.  The sun is rising and the sky has a beautiful red glow to it.  I have been outside twice already.  Once to "Hurry up" right when I got up then after breakfast to do my BIG business.  Mom marks them with a flag so Dad's job as poo flipper is easier.  He takes his job very seriously. 

This week started out with a LONG walk at the lake on Sunday.  I love to go there with Ruthie.  Mom didn't let us swim in the lake but we still got to play in the sand.  Ruthie is a digging machine but I prefer to run around and sniff anything and everything.  There are really some big machines at the lake - they are fixing a spillway - and Mom took Ruthie and I over to see them. 

I finally learned what Dad meant when he would always say "Pre-wash".  Ruthie said she knew but I never had seen it in action.  Well, this week I did but my Mom lectured my Dad that KSDS puppies are NOT allowed to partake in this.  I did my best though to get all I could before the door was closed and Mom said it can never happen again.

On Wednesday my Mom and sister Aunna went to Wahoo to see my Grandma Schense and to get a bed that was in the storage unit there.  I knew a trip was coming because Mom got out the pink pills before she went to run but at the last minute I ended up staying home.  She said there wouldn't be any room for me after they picked up the bed and unless I wanted to stay with Grandma at the care center I had to stay home. 

Thursday though was a travel day and my FIRST official trip to a restaurant.  Mom gave me my pink pill before she went to run then off to have lunch with my sister Aunna.   Since we live out in the country and she works way out in West Omaha it takes about 45 minutes to get there so I sure needed the pink pill.  I did Ok traveling there but boy I had to do a BIG job as soon as we were there.  I was soooo proud that I could control by big business and not leave the deposit in the car.   It was a messy one and Mom would have rather not been the poo scooper right before lunch. 

We stopped at Three Dog Bark and Mom bought me a treat to eat for when they were eating.  She showed me how to behave while in a restaurant and stay under the table.  She said I did pretty good with only getting up twice but neither time did I try and walk out from under the table.  Probably had to do with the GREAT treat I was chewing on but if my Mom says I did a good job I am proud.  Not sure my Mom and sister really got to talk much since lots of people in the restaurant stopped and talked to them.

Friday Ruthie and I got to go for a 5+ mile walk out here on the Farmstead.  My Mom's friend MaeMae who kind of lives behind us walked me and Ruthie was with Mom.  That way we would not mix our leashes up and Mom would not have to stop like she does at the lake sometimes to untangle us.  There are just soooooo many things to sniff out here in the country but Mom and MaeMae were on a power walking mission so no stopping.  Ruthie and I were pooped out.

I did get to meet MaeMae's four legged family.  There are two of them in their house.  Ruthie has gone on walks with them before so she knew them.  One of them almost looks like a horse which they also have but she gets to stay in the house so I know she is a dog like me.  I could walk right under her without my body even touching her.  They took some pictures and I could tell it was challenging even in my puppy understanding.  Between MaeMae and Mom I think I heard more "Stay - Wait - Stop" in 10 minutes then I usually hear in a week.  

Mom even fell over trying to hold on to the BIG horse dog and everyone got a good laugh. Just before we left MaeMae's daughter Emily came home so they tried to take some more pictures with a little better luck this time. 

Saturday was an early game for the HUSKERS so Ruthie and I spent some time right away in the morning messing around outside with Dad.  He filled the bird feeders and bird baths while Ruthie and I played then we headed off to the road to get the paper.  Dad put the HUSKER flag out but it was too windy for Little Red.  Little Red spent the day in the garage so Dad turned on the TV out there so he could watch.  It was a good day for them.  Dad didn't do as much jumping and yelling as he usually does.  Not sure if it was because we were ahead during the whole game or it was just too early in the day ? 

Today I have a NEW adventure coming.  Ruthie and I are going to the Groomers.  Ruthie has gone many times and says it is FUN but I heard Mom say she is a Mommy's girl and whines when she leaves.  Mom said we will be there for about three hours.  I am sure pictures will follow.

I LOVE my BIG Sister !

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