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Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Thanksgiving

This week was all about Food, Family and Football !  Maybe not in that order but certainly a lot of each one of them.  Ruthie explained a few things to me about Thanksgiving and a thing they call a Turkey !  I have seen them running through our farmstead but Ruthie said they will not look like that when they come in the house.

Our week started out with grocery shopping at Hy-Vee.  Mom had already gone to the Commissary on base the week before so this was just a last minute trip to pick up a few things.  However, whenever I go grocery shopping with Mom it takes twice as long to shop because so many people want to stop and talk.  Mom sometimes lets them pet me if I am behaving myself in a good sit/stay.  We take it in stride because it is always a good chance to explain about Guide/Service puppies and dogs. 
Football was on the TV most of the week.  I watched some with Mom, Dad and Ruthie.  One night Mom felt sorry for us stuck in the hearth room with Dad and football so she got on the floor and gave us some really nice belly rubs.  Mom took turns between Ruthie and I.  Dad asked for a belly rub but Mom said he would have to get on the floor and he didn't want to do that. 

Wednesday night my two legged sisters Aunna and Meghann came over.  Pre-Thanksgiving activities.  Mom had already set the table before they arrived so when they were here they could help with cooking.  Well, Aunna found it more exciting to play with me and Meghann was on her computer.  She developed and hosts a web site and Mom says she lives on her computer and phone now. 

Finally the BIG day came.  Mom and Dad were up early so Dad could do his Schense Tradition - Getting the turkey and duck ready.  This is a very serious job for him and he takes over the kitchen till the birds are in the oven.  I found out what Ruthie meant when the birds would not look like the ones I am use to seeing.  I bet it was HOT in the oven and then they ate them ?  Glad I am a dog !

Things were a little touch and go for the day though for me.  I''ll explain.  Dad took Ruthie and I out after he got the birds in the oven to run off some energy before the guests arrived and I found a bar of soap out on the Farmstead while Dad was poo flipping.  He puts out soap around the trees to scare off the deer.  Well, it doesn't scare off puppies and into my mouth it went.  Dad saw me when I came out from  around the tree and tried to catch me but I was too quick for him.  Finally I came around the corner of the garage with bubbles coming out of my month and no soap left.  Dad was not a happy camper and Ruthie told me I would regret what I just did.  Ruthie and Dad remembered when Ruthie was a Service Puppy and ate soap.   The mud room ended up full of stuff later in the day that comes out the business end of puppies.  Mom and Dad watched me closely all day but I guess I have a better stomach for soap and things never escalated to Code Red !

Ruthie and I had to stay behind bars in the mud room while everyone ate Thanksgiving dinner but Mom let us out during dessert time for a "Teaching Moment" for me.  Ruthie and I were put on a down/stay under the table.  Boy I have never seen sooooo much food and messes to clean up in the kitchen.  Before everyone left another Schense Tradition happened.  Everyone got out their Tupperware and took leftovers.  I also learned that birds have bones.  I wonder if I have bones ?

My sister Meghann brought a friend with her for dinner and he was a NICE guy.  His name was Pete.  He took Ruthie and I outside several times during the day to "Hurry up" and play a little ball.  I hope he comes again.  I like him.

The rest of the day was football along with most of the weekend.  Friday was the last HUSKER football game and we got to watch with Dad.  He was a happy camper because we were ahead during the whole game.  Again, an early game so Dad had the rest of the day and evening to watch more football.  Little Red had to stay in the garage since the wind was blowing and blowing ! 

In between half times and games Dad took us out to play and do our business.  Mom took down the fall decorations around the house and once when Dad took us outside Mom came outside too and took down the outside fall decorations.  Dad got out the tractor and filled it up with pumpkins and other stuff.  I was trying to be a helper bee and escorted him down to the tree line to dump the pumpkins.  Mom said it was the deer's Thanksgiving dinner however I think they started a little early because I could see bite marks on some of them. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Your Family !

PS - Please check out my new Pen Pal - Daisy. 
She is also a KSDS Serive Puppy in Training

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