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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ready Set Go !

Boy what a week !!!  It all started with breakfast on Sunday then Ruthie and I going to the Groomers.  Ruthie had gone many times but this was my first one.  Just before we left the house Mom checked her email and there was a request from Channel 42 to come and do an interview at our house.  Perfect timing since we were off to the groomers and would look our best.  I didn't know Mom would receive a report card from the groomers on me.  It said I was a little hyper and somewhat difficult to groom. We all agreed since this was my first trip we would overlook my short comings but Mom plans to take me about every other month so I can adjust and be on perfect behavior when I go back to KSDS.  Ruthie was an angel of course.

We arrived back home around 3:30 and the TV crew showed up at 4:00.  Before they arrived Mom lectured us about minding our manners and not talking out of turn.  I put my vest on but Ruthie didn't have to and I thought that was unfair.  She was going to get to play around when they were here and I was going to have to work.  However, the cameraman asked my Mom to throw toys for us to retrieve and asked Ruthie and I to play together while they interviewed my Mom. I guess Mom figured they would not understand puppy talk so no one asked me any questions.  Mom was going to take pictures but put down her camera and could not find it till after they left so no pictures to share.  We all sat down in front of the TV that night and watched.  Turned out pretty cool !
Later in the week was our BIG day of travel and adventure.  It started out with a 5 mile walk with MaeMae so that I would be worn out as my Mom said.  Back home Mom gave me my pink pill before she started to get dressed to go so that hopefully my tummy wouldn't have issues.  Around 9:30 Mom loaded us up in the Ford and off to St. Cecilia School to do four presentations about Guide/Service puppies.   When we arrived  Mom made sure our business ends were taken care of with two pink baggies to show for it then we headed into the school.  We were surprised that Channel 6 news was there to do a story about us.  It aired on the 4:00 and 6:00 news cast.  Everyone was so nice to us and I think all of the kids must have attended KSDS obedience classes and passed with honors because everyone was so well behaved.   We even had one class sing "Thank you" to us.

Just a few things about the presentation though.  I was nervous to start with but soon relaxed just like Ruthie told me I would.  Ruthie was so relaxed that Mom had to stop during one of her presentations because Ruthie was snoring so LOUD !  During one of the question and answer sessions one of the kids asked my Mom "Does Avalon go with you to communion ?"   I heard my Mom telling my Dad the story later and she said it would have only been a question from a presentation at a Catholic school. 

One thing I REALLY want to tell you about this week is - NO ACCIDENTS at all.  I did not have a mistake in the house or get sick in the car !!  I am starting to alert my parents that I need to go out but I still refuse to ring the bells unless Mom puts a treat right next to it.  I am not a pavlog dog - I am a KSDS dog.  Mom is allowing me to stay out in the house more and is surprised when she finds me in my kennel sleeping ?  Don't know why because that is my bedroom. 

This Saturday was HUSKER football but again it was an early game.  Ruthie and I spent some time before the game outside with Dad.  He sat us down to ask for assistance in poo finding and flipping since it had been a few days and Mom has not been very good at poo flag marking lately.   Most of the game we spent in the mud room because Mom and Dad watched the game in the basement on the big screen.  I could hear Dad coaching from the basement and it wasn't a good day in Huskerland. 

My Mom told me to pass on two GREAT books to read about service dogs.  One is Until Tuesday and the other is A Big Little Life.  She was telling us about the dogs in the books and all of a sudden started crying when she remembered Baily their family golden who was a WONDERFUL foster Mommy to four of the service puppies they raised.  

In Loving Memory of Bailey Marie Schense

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