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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let it SNOW !

Boy, I can say things were really boring around the farmstead most of the week.  No shopping trips - No trips to the grocery store - No walks at the lake - Nothing just "Hurry up" trips outside and naps.  Then yesterday some white stuff fell from the sky which Ruthie told me was SNOW and it covered everything !  I LOVE it !  It is cold and wet on my feet but cool to eat.

Dad keeps throwing snowballs for us but Ruthie and I can never find them.  Someone needs to give him snowball making lessons because they look great in the air but never stay together when they hit the ground.  We look and look till Dad throws another one.  Mom said she is glad I have a black nose and dark eyes or I would get lost in the snow.  Maybe I need a bell on my collar.  One thing I do have along with Ruthie is night vision !

My Mom's running partner - Jane - who has been living in Italy with her husband for the last 3 months was home for about two weeks so they ran together at the lake as much as possible.  Mom said I couldn't come with them because they wanted to run and catch up on things and not have to focus on a puppy who doesn't always cooperate.  I said I would but again Mom just doesn't seem to understand puppy talk.  I wonder if she understands Dog talk ?  I will have to ask Ruthie.

Mom had a cold this week and drank some hot stuff from a cup I think called Theraflu.  It always seemed to make her fall asleep after that so Ruthie and I did the same.  Lots of naps this week.  One sunny morning Ruthie and I found a warm spot in the sun along with the furnace vent and took a long and cozy nap. 

On Saturday it was the annual Christmas cookie baking day at my Grandma's House and I got to go along.  Now this was the first time I had heard anything about another Holiday coming so again I asked Ruthie what this was all about.  She told me I would really like this one because a BIG guy dressed all in red will bring us some cool new toys in a stocking.  I told Ruthie I saw one of them at Halloween but she said this one is different and you will see lots of them when you are out shopping with Mom.  Ruthie told me she would help me with my Christmas List for the Big Red guy since Mom has that issue with understanding puppy talk.

While at my Grandma's house I assisted in cleaning up anything that fell on the floor.  Sometimes it was dangerous work because when everyone was focusing on baking cookies they were not focusing on the puppy cleaning machine on the floor. 

My sister Aunna showed me a fake red guy and his wife so I asked Mom to take a picture.  Aunna told me I need to make sure I stop and see a real one at the Mall so I can give him my Christmas list or I won't get anything in my stocking.

When Mom and I came home from cookie baking Mom started taking out things she called Christmas decorations.  They are all over the house now with more to come today.  I don't understand why they bring a tree inside and decorate it ?  Why not just leave it outside and do it ?  Seems like that would be much easier but then I don't know much about this Christmas thing yet.  Mom said we need the tree inside because the red guy she calls Santa won't leave gifts unless it is there ? Mom dug out a Christmas video last night and today she said I can watch it.  I am excited since this will be my first movie to watch.  I plan to ask Ruthie to watch with me. 

After another run in the snow last night everyone went to bed.
Mom and Dad didn't even have to ask me to get in my kennel.  I was already out for the night.

I need to get going - Dad is taking us down to the road to get the Sunday paper and said he would teach me how to shovel snow or at least run after it when he is shoveling.  I LOVE this thing called Snow !!

                         Happy Holidays !

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