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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maybe it is Summer in Nebraska

What can I say !!  It has been in the 80's all week ?  Many walks and outside adventures with Mom and Dad.  Some training moments - some of which went OK and others were a challenge. 

At beginning of the week Mom took Ruthie and I over to the lake twice to walk the dike and swim in the lake.  The water was kind of cold so Ruthie and I also did some sniffing and digging instead of swimming the whole time. 

Tuesday, Mom and me ran some errands.  It was in and out of the car four times with the last one being my favorite place Hy-Vee.  Mom I think was a little frustrated with me since I still get car sick and put up a stink getting in the car.  I am up to her tricking me with treats to get in so right now she is lifting me up and putting me in.  She is not a happy camper about that.  I also deposited my breakfast in the back seat right when we drove up to the house. 

Wednesday was my Grandma Keuter's birthday so me, Mom and my two legged sister Aunna went out to lunch.  I did leave my breakfast where it should be but left a deposit from the other end after lunch out on the lawn.  Mom had her pink bag and picked it up grossing out my sister.   Mom couldn't find a trash can so it was left in the back seat with me.

I didn't do very well with down/under the table.  Mom finally let me down/stay next to her chair and I did better.  We had a couple of people stop and talk to us and Mom let them pet me but I had to stay down.  One of the servers just would not leave me alone and was making it very hard to down/stay.   I just don't understand this down thing and why it is so important. 

After lunch Mom, me and Aunna went to a grocery store to help Aunna pick up some groceries.  If you don't remember she fractured her ankle last week and is wearing a soft cast.  Mom thought it would be a good training moment too.  Aunna road in the electric grocery cart and I went along with her.  We helped her load her groceries in her car then left with Mom forgetting the sack of groceries she bought out in the cart in the parking lot so when we got home we loaded up again and had to go back.  I didn't want to get back in the car but the good thing about it was Ruthie, me and Mom headed to the lake afterwards. 

Friday started out with something Mom called fog ?   When Mom let us out in the morning for "Hurry up" Ruthie and I almost got lost.  Mom couldn't see us - which meant no pictures of private moments - and was yelling at us to come in.  I liked the fog.  Ruthie and I played 'Hide and Seek"  Later in the day Mom took Ruthie and I back to the lake for a walk on the dike and some swimming.  This time around though we got to meet some new friends.  They were everywhere !!  Some big ones like me but there were some really small ones I have never seen before.  You had to be careful not to step on them.  We all swam in the lake, chased the sticks and balls in the water and on the dike along with much sniffing and some digging.  I hope we run into them again sometime when we are back out at the lake.  They were FUN !  I even heard Mom say one of them was Ruthie's old boyfriend.

It is Saturday morning and another Holiday ?  St Paddy's Day.  Mom said she needs to find Ruthie and I something green to wear so we won't get pinched.  Not sure what that is but Mom said it would hurt.  While waiting for Dad to take us out this morning Ruthie and I wrestled around in the living room.  Mom finally said enough is enough and separated us to our  own corners. 

                  Down for the Count !!

Last but not least - Thank you SCIENCE DIET 
for my shipment of Dog Food !!
Thank you UPS for shipping it !

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