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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Boring Week !

What can I say?  We really didn't do much this week.  Between the snow, icky sluggish roads/sidewalks and the bone chilling temps - Mom, Ruthie and I spent most of the week home inside.  We watched American Idol again this week and I watched from my favorite place of choice !.  The heart room foot stool.  I like it up there too because I can take my toys or blanket there to play with and Ruthie will leave me along.  Baby the cat sometimes gets up on my stool and I have to chase her away. 

I can say with PRIDE Mom finally got rid of the bells on the door for "Hurry Up".  I told her I would not be a Pavla Dog.  She finally got it that I stand by the door looking at her when I need to go out.  I have her fooled though - Sometimes I just want to go out and I don't have to "Hurry Up"  I just want to go out and play.  Ruthie and I look for snacks but with this white stuff everywhere not much snacking going on.  At least Ruthie and I still get our snacks when we come in from "Hurry Up" and Mom makes us work on the commands on the door.

Mom's friend Jane was back from Italy for one day before she was off for another adventure.  We were all going to go over to the lake where she lives and run/walk but it was soo cold and windy it was called off.  I was still hoping to get to see her but Mom went over to her house instead of Jane coming here.  Mom did come back and told me she might have found someone who talks puppy talk.  Jane's husband.  He was barking at Jane after she cut his hair.  I will have to go see this guy !!

Saturday finally came and that meant time to scan the Farmstead ! First Dad had to read the paper and fuel up then he teased me with putting his hat on my head. He told me I was going to have to wear it outside but I knew it was a HUSKER hat and that wouldn't happen. I have to be careful when I am out in this white stuff because I could just blend in and no one would be able to find me. I make sure I know where Daddy is at all times - First he always has treats in his pocket plus I don't want to get lost ! 
We did the usual chores when we were out plus chased snow balls.  Dad poop flipped while Ruthie and I did our crazy dance around and around in the snow.  We were glad to come back in though - it was only about 10 degrees outside.

Mom sat down with me yesterday and we had a long talk.  She told me I need to get over my phobia I have developed.  I hate walking on the wood floors.  I really don't know why but I guess that is why it is called a phobia ??  She said she might have to contact the "Dog Whisper" because a Guide/Service Dog can not have phobias.  I think Mom is very frustrated with me but she should be in my shoes and try to get around.  That is frustrating !!

Last but not least my favorite package arrived again this week.  Saturday after Mom and Dad got back from the Home Show we opened the box.  It was late and we had missed dinner at the usual time so I was trying everything I could to speed things along and have dinner.  Picture taking was the least of my concerns !!


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