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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Behind Bars !!

Ruthie and I are waiting for Dad to read the Sunday paper and fuel up.  I heard him tell Mom we would be going out to scan the farmstead before he left to visit a client who did something BAD.   He is behind bars and this week I learned what it is like to be behind bars.  Let me tell you the story while we are waiting for Dad.

Mom, Ruthie and I were watching American Idol this week when Mom got up during a commercial and let out a yell !!   Mom thought I was chewing on a doggie toy but when she got up she realized it was our doggie bed that is in the heart room.  Mom was not a Happy Camper and said if I cannot behave myself while watching TV I could spend it behind bars - AKA my kennel.  I could still watch American Idol from behind bars so I didn't miss anything.  Boy, lots of those howlers on the show fainted this week. 

This week had another Holiday in it called "Valentine's Day"  Mom got nice flowers, chocolate, wine and cards.  I saw Mom putting surprises in Dad's briefcase when he wasn't looking and thought we would be getting some prizes too ?  Mom gave us something red that I thought was going to be a surprise but it tasted just like our old treats ?  Mom made a special dinner for Dad along with a chocolate cheese cake.  

This week Mom and I made several trips out.  First we went to Penney's.  Mom really didn't have anything she needed - just wanted it to be a training moment as she calls them.  She made me heel, sit/stay and down/stay and would walk away from me making sure I stay in command.  Mom said I did pretty good.  Lots of people stopped and talked to us and I kind of got bored.  Our next trip out was to Hy-Vee to pick up some last minute stuff for Dad's Valentine Dinner.  I like Hy-Vee - they are sooooo nice to me and always stop and talk to us.  Mom hooks my leash to the cart and I just kind of walk beside the cart.  I watch out for my tail - don't want to get it run over. 

Our next adventure was out to lunch with one of my two legged sisters - Aunna.  My other two legged sister - Meghann  was to be there but she got the wrong Panera Bread and was halfway across town.  I was not to cooperative in the beginning and kept getting up and walking out from under the table but after several stern commands from Mom I decided I better stay on down/stay.  Mom got up and left the table for a minute and I tested Aunna with getting up but saw Mom coming and knew that wasn't the thing to do.  One stern glance from Mom and I knew I better stay down. 

On Saturday is was sooooo nice that Mom took Ruthie and I over to the lake for a walk.  Almost 4 1/2 miles.  Mom would not allow us to get in the water but we did get to run free on the back side of the lake.  I think I found something that could have been a new poo snack but after one taste I DIDN'T like it.  Duck poo !  Ruthie told me I wouldn't like it but I had to see for myself.   Mom said we might go again today to the lake and walk -  toooo muddy out here on the farmstead.  All of the roads are dirt and with the snow melting it is a mud pit. 

Need to sign off - I hear Dad coming and I am not allowed to have the computer out of the office.   Hope we get to spend a lot of time outside before Dad has to leave. 

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