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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happenings on the Farmstead

It's that WONDERFUL time of the year!  More snow and Christmas decorating.  Mom had to put me in the mud room several times while she was decorating because I was a little too curious about all the new stuff around the house.  On Tuesday a gentleman named Norm came and put lights on the house.  Ruthie and I had to stay inside because Mom didn't want us to get in Norm's way and cause a fall off the ladder.  He was a nice guy and when he was done played with us for a bit.
Mom helped my sister Aunna take an old chair to Goodwill this week and I got to go along.  However, when they loaded the chair in the back of the Ford the only room left was on the chair. Things didn't go so well on the way to Goodwill so you can guess what was deposited on the chair.  Mom did change up my pink pills for motion sickness later in the week and it is helping a little better.  My drooling is still really bad and Mom said she is going to buy a bib to tie around my neck.  Not sure what a bib is but hope I don't look too silly ?  We tried out the new meds and went to the Mall close to our house with things going a little better.  

All of the four legged family members in the house have found a cozy place to keep warm and take some good naps.  Under Mom's desk.  Ruthie and I take turns using each other as pillows.  It gets a little iffy though when Baby the cat is trying to join us because I just have this need to corner her and play.  Mom said I should leave her alone because she is a senior citizen cat and likes sleeping over playing.  Probably if I could understand cat talk I would understand those strange noises she makes !!  Maybe she only knows sign language because she is always swinging her paws at me and I know she isn't trying to shake.

Mom took me to her Groomers this week however it looked much different then the one Ruthie and I go to.  They have chairs not tables, they put capes around their necks instead of a leash and they don't have to get in a bath tub to get their hair washed.  Mom brought along a bone for me to chew while she was getting her grooming done and said I did a GOOD job at down/stay.  

Today Dad took us outside for about an hour and a half.  He showed me again how to shovel snow but mostly Ruthie and I just ran after the scoops of snow.  We went down to the tree line and Dad showed us deer tracks.   I asked if they were Santa's reindeer tracks.  He said it was too early.  I had a few appetizers - deer poo with snow before we headed back to the house.  Ruthie passed on it.  Just before we came in we filled up the bird feeders.  Another appetizer - seeds with snow. 

My pin pal Daisy wrote this week.  Mom was laughing because Daisy and her Mom had an issue with where to "Hurry up" when out shopping.  They must have been at a Mall and all of a sudden Daisy had to do her big business "Hurry up" and things were deposited right in front of Bed and Bath.  I guess Daisy thought she could clean it up herself but without having fingers to hold on to the poo bag all that happened was Daisy stepping in it.  I have not made this mistake yet but Mom said some of her other service puppies in training have.  Mom told me the story about Cali.  All of a sudden Cali arched her back while in Walmart and Mom knew what was coming so left her grocery cart and made a run for the door.  Well, right in the entry way a thing Mom called diarrhea happened on the floor grates so not only poo on the floor but it ran down the holes of the grates.  The greeter put a "Wet Sign" over it but Mom didn't have the right stuff to clean it up.  A poo bag wasn't going to do the trick.  The manager brought her a mop and pail.  First they had to pick up the grates and carry them outside then mop the floor.  The manager was a nice guy and even helped.  Mom said it is a funny story now but at the time is wasn't.  I told Mom I would try to never made a poo mistake inside.   Mom also told me Cali snuck away one time at Walmart while they were checking out groceries so Mom and the cashier had to go look for her.  She was eating a peach in the produce section not far from the check out lines.

Meghann my two legged sister stopped over this week.  She was looking for some of her Christmas decorations she thought she had here but we couldn't find them.  She is another GREAT belly rubber.  Ruthie and I would not leave her alone.  Mom made a nice dinner for everyone before Meghann left.

Last but not least - I received a package in the mail.  Was soooo excited because I thought it might be a gift from Santa but Mom says Santa gifts don't come from the Fed-X guy but delivered on Christmas Eve while we are all sleeping.  Dad and I opened the box and it was my Science Diet Food.  I guess they think I am growing up because instead of it being puppy food it is Lamb and Rice.

 Thank You Science Diet for your continuous donations to KSDS Inc.

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