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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Met the Big Red Guy !

My week started with a LONG 3 hour trip to the commissary with Mom.  Groceries for the month along with Christmas dinner.   Mom said I did OK but the challenge was coming home.  The groceries filled up the back of the Ford so I had to ride in the front seat.  My pink pill was wearing off and both Mom and I thought I was going to make a deposit that no one wanted.  However, I did manage to control myself with the deposit happening on the front lawn when we got home. 

My next adventure was to the Groomers again with Ruthie.  Mom wanted us to smell and look nice for the Holidays plus we were going to go visit the Big Red guy Mom calls Santa.  Ruthie and I both got report cards from our Groomer.  Ruthie got an excellent one while I only got a good one.  Still need to improve on scratching.  I was just trying to shake and get treats but no one seemed to understand that. 

Ruthie and I were at the Groomers for three hours.  Mom picked us up and off to see the Big Red guy.  Mom had bought a Christmas collar for us so we would look festive.  We were lucky when we arrived that there were not too many people there to see him so we got to spend a lot of time with him.  There were some helpers jumping, whistling and making all kinds of noise while flashing lights at us while we were telling Santa what was on our Christmas list so I hope he heard.  Mom told me Santa knows puppy talk along with many different languages.  Mom said he also knows who has been naughty or nice so I better be on my best behavior till I see him again.  I might get to see him since my kennel I sleep in at night is in the hearth room and he comes down the chimney.  Not sure how that happens but if he can understand puppy talk he must be able to do a whole lot of other things. 

The next day after taking my pink pill Mom and I were off to the Downtown YMCA for their Senior Christmas Party.  Mom use to work there so they invite her back every year.   Ruthie use to go there all  the time with Mom so everyone was asking about her.  Ruthie was a little upset that she didn't get to go but understood this was a teaching moment for me.  It really ended up as a teaching moment when I took it upon myself to help myself to one of the Senior's dinners up on the table.  I heard Mom shriek from accross the room so I knew right away it was just dinner for the Seniors and not puppies too. My pink pill worked with no deposits made that day but just barely.

Mom and I went to Shadow Lake Mall and did some Christmas shopping.  Thank goodness this Mall is close to us and I did OK with my car sickness however we went to an indoor Mall about 45 minutes from our house the next day and I made a deposit on the way there and back.  Mom changed up my pink bill with an orange one thinking that would help but it didn't.  I did get extra for dinner since Mom said most of my breakfast was in the back of the Ford.

There were soooooooo many people at the Mall.  People stopped and talked to Mom and asked to pet me about every 10 steps we took.  Mom wasn't on a power shopping trip just there to pick up three books about a service dog named Tuesday so we enjoyed the time.  There were some young girls who really were excited to pet me so Mom stopped and while they were petting me she took our picture.  I told them I would include them in my blog this week and gave them my blog address. 

A NEW adventure was the escalators.  I didn't know stairs could move but at the Mall they do.  The first time we went up the moving stairs wasn't to bad but coming down I had issues.  Kind of put the breaks on but Mom encouraged me and without to much more fuss we headed down.  I told Mom next time to use the elevator - I like them better.   

Winter here is kind of taking a break so on Saturday Dad took Ruthie and I out to help with the chores.  We helped Dad find the poo so he could poo flip.  I found some deer poo for a mid-morning snack.  We fed the livestock by filling the bird feeders.  There are four of them around the house.  We walked around the farmstead scanning then Dad played ball with us.   Today Mom said she might take us to the lake for a walk while Dad goes to see Grandma at the care center.   No swimming though.  Mom said the lake is covered with ice.  I will have to see what this is ?

      Seasons Greetings from Ruthie and I

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