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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Changes are Coming !!

Good Morning -
It is a COLD Sunday morning here in Omaha, Nebraska.  Dad said we will all have to bundle up when we go for our weekend walk around the lake.  However, this one might be my last one ?? but I will tell you about that later.

This week Mom said we needed more "Training Moments" so we headed out on Tuesday.  Mom took Ruthie and me out for a short walk to get our business done then we headed out.  I thought everyone was going but it was just me and Mom.  I don't understand why Ruthie always gets to stay home and lounge around and I have to train ??   Mom said it is college prep ?? and Ruthie has already been to college.

Well, things did not go as planned.  I did my usual - refusing to get in the car - but Mom assisted and into the back of the SUV I went.  Mom did give me a treat though.  We had to drop off a box or something at a house out here at the lake so we were off to do that first.  Sad thing is my car sickness snuck up on me and my breakfast was deposited in the back of the car - twice before we even headed out of the lake for training.  Mom felt sooo sorry for me that she let me come home and stay with Ruthie while she went alone.   Mom even gave me some more breakfast before she left.   Mom bought some real special tasty treats and when she got home we practiced in the house with me and Ruthie. 

It has been soooooo nice here that Mom, Ruthie and me went on more walks around the lake than usual.  We even went with one of Mom's two legged friends and Buttercup a four legged friend.   The only bad thing is that when we go on walks with other four legged friends we don't get to run free on the dike but it is still nice to go out with friends. 

Mom went to the groomers on Wednesday.  She was gone a long time.  I asked if she got a report card when she was done and she said NO.  That night her show American Idol started again.  Mom told us we needed to be quiet and watch with her.  We had to do this two nights in a row. 

Yesterday - Saturday it was sooooooo nice outside.  I heard Dad say the temp was in the 50's.  After Mom and Dad read the paper and had breakfast we all headed out for our walk.  We took our time and doubled back on the dike so Ruthie and I could run free some more.  I love that time !!  Dad even snuck in some training moments. With treats!


Dad was not a happy camper when Ruthie and I found some mud to roll in so when we got to the boat loading dock the ice was broken in a spot and Dad kind of had Ruthie and I take a bath.  The water was cold so we made it quick.  When we got home we had to spend time out on the deck drying off.  It was nice though with the sun shining down on us and heating up the deck.

             Now to the Changes Coming  !!!!!
Mom has been talking with KSDS Guide/Service College and it has been decided I am going back Friday, January 25th for a pre-school physical, some college prep work along with taking my pre-college ACT test.  I am going back earlier than my other litter mates mainly for my physical to evaluate my car sickness issue.   Mom said she will spend lots of time with me this week explaining what goes on at college and to prepare me to leave home for the first time.  She is hoping I don't get home sick - Wonder if that is like car sick ??  Mom will pack my bags, bring my bed and bowls along plus my favorite thing - Science Diet dog food.  I have a big bag still in the basement.  I told her she should leave it here for when I come back but she just got tears in her eyes and said we would talk about that later in the week.
Mom said she will work with me to get me use to dorm life.  The first thing is to get use to a much smaller dorm room so Mom brought in a portable dorm suite.   Mom let me in the room and said me and Ruthie can take turns this week spending time in there.  It is tooo small for the two of us at one time.   However, I spent way more time in there than Ruthie did but my best friend stayed close by and we talked about college life since Ruthie has been there already and graduated.
Not sure if I will be blogging from my dorm or home next week but I will let you know how the trip to college went. More to follow........  

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