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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I heard Mom and Dad talking that Labor Day is the last Holiday of the summer.  I hope that doesn't mean swimming in the lake is over.  We have spent the last two days down on the beach swimming and fetching balls and since today is a holiday I think we will get to play some more !!

Mom and Dad had family over yesterday and everyone spent lots and lots of time down on the beach.  I spread my time out playing with just bout everyone but Ruthie really feel in love with a guy named Pete.  She followed him around all night.  Silly pup !!  



 Mom and Dad got the BBQ grill out and stated a big fire in it and put some really good smelling stuff on it.  Thought it would include Ruthie and I but we got our regular puppy food - just out on the deck though.



After dinner Ruthie and I got some really good HUGS from our cousins.  I heard their Mom say they will sleep good tonight with all of the lake swimming and Mom said we would probably too.  I think Ruthie already started her snoozing before we went in for bed time.

The Dog Days of Summer are winding down and that means NEBRASKA football.  A guy named LITTLE RED  came over - He only visits on football days and hung out in the front yard.  Mom and Dad had a few two legged friends over to watch the game.  I thought maybe some four legged friends might come too but it was not the case.  Ruthie and I stayed upstairs and they all went downstairs but the game must have been exciting since we could hear them hooping it up for about three hours.

From our family here on the Lake !!

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