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Sunday, September 15, 2013

It is starting to smell like Fall

Boy, I thought fall was never going to get here but finally this weekend it is starting to feel like it.  It has been sooooo HOT here that Mom has been taking us down to the beach just about every day to cool off then we spend time out on the deck drying off.  We can only spend a few minutes out there though since it is directly in the sun but it sure makes it feel good drying off.

Today it is kind of cool and rainy so don't know if we will get to go for our Sunday morning walk.  Yesterday when we were out for our walk it was sure chilly when we got out of the water.   Ruthie and I had to do a lot of puppy shaking to get the water out of our coat so we wouldn't be cold walking the rest of the way home.

Mom made salsa again this week along with jalapeno jelly.  The house smelled icky when she was making the salsa then soooo sweet when making the jelly. I found out that the green things Mom uses to make jalapeno jelly are not good to eat if she drops one on the floor.  Won't do that again.  Ruthie told me not to eat it but I thought she was trying to fool me so when I wasn't looking she was going to eat it. 

Little Red was here again for the HUSKER football game on Saturday.  It was an early game so everyone was up and moving in the morning.   Little Red was not a happy camper !!!  Dad said from how Little Red behaved you can tell what the outcome of the game was ?? 

Ruthie had to go to the doctor for her physical this week.  The Doc said she had lost some weight and it would be OK to feed her a little more food at least while we are still out walking and swimming so much.  To be fair I get a little more too.  Mom also bought some shoes for us which I am not sure I really like.  Ruthie hasn't said much about them but I have been trying to tell Mom I really don't like them but as always she doesn't understand puppy talk.  Mom explained to me since I have an issue sometimes walking on the wood floors and slip sliding away these shoes will help. 

Better get going !!  I heard Mom say the rain has kind of let up so if we are going for our walk we need to get moving.  I love our weekend walks !!

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