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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things sure have Changed around here

Mom and Dad got a new computer a while back and I have not been able to get on to write lately so I have a little catching up to do.  Mom got a new thing she calls an iPad and plays with that more now so maybe I will get more time back on the computer ??

Let me catch you up -

Dad finally got to fly his American Flag.  He is soooo proud of it.  Mom and Dad had to work on it together to get it up so it wouldn't touch the ground.  I told Dad Ruthie and I would help but we only got to watch.  They put a BIG light on it so it shines at night.

 Next came some people Mom called contractors ?  Not sure what that means but these people were with a company called "Bob Shaffer Painting" and they made some BIG changes around the house.  Pictures will tell the story so here it goes -

This is how the House looked when Mom & Dad bought it

Mr. Bob staining the bricks & painting the house

Watching from inside

Bob and his crew ! 

Ruthie and I went on our usual walks with Mom along with a new person - Ms. Phyllis.  We stopped at the loading dock and Ms. Phyllis threw a few sticks for me.  She thought I was a superb jumper !!  I was kind of showing off.   I heard Mom telling Ms. Phyllis that one things she dislikes about moving back to the lake is  POO patrol.  Mom takes these bags with her and each time Ruthie and I do the BIG "hurry up"  she picks them up.  I am glad I don't have that JOB !!
It is FALL in NEBRASKA and Dad is getting all excited about HUSKER FOOTBALL.  I kind of remember it a little bit from last fall but I was just a baby back then. I got to get up on the couch and watch with dad.  This year I only got to watch from in front of the TV.  Mom said I was to BIG now to set in laps and watch.  I do remember though Dad jumping and yelling last year and he was true to himself and did the same this year.  It was FUN and EXCITING though !  Ruthie and I tried to sneak a few snacks but Dad was keeping an eye out on us and only the HUSKERS scored and not us.  
Before the game Dad, Mom, Ruthie and I went outside to put Little Red up.  I  am not scared of him this year.  I was even trying to help by picking up the stakes but Mom told me it was better if I just watched.   We all went for a walk before the game but things did not turn out to good.  We headed out then stopped at the boat dock so Ruthie and I could swim and catch a few sticks but when we got ready to leave I wasn't ready so I started to run off and knocked Mom off her feet and she got a BOO BOO  !!  Mom was not a happy camper and really didn't talk to me much after that.  She only paid attention to Ruthie so I will remember not to do that again. 

After the game it was my monthly meds time.  Mom gets a reminder from KSDS each month to give it to me.  Something to do with my heart but I don't know what ?  Wish Mom would just give me the chewy and not make it such a big deal and make it a "training moment".  I have to sit say - down stay before she will give it to me and if I move we start all over again. 

Mom hasn't taken me out on many "training trips" lately.  Just the usual - Hy-Vee and Walmart.  Mom says it is just tooo HOT again to venture out plus I think the hot car makes me get car sick faster.  I am about 50-50 now with getting car sick. Maybe when we start going out when it is cooler things will improve.  Mom wants a new car now that Dad got one but she said not until I stop getting car sick or she will just have to wait till I go back to KSDS for college. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend from Ruthie & ME !!


  1. Wow, what a busy time you've had indeed! All sounds like fun though and worth all the experiences. You have a good Labor Day Avalon!

  2. It is always an adventure with Avalon.