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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is here but RED is everywhere !

It has not been very exciting around here so I thought I would write about my Mom and Dad - So here it goes.

Mom and Dad invited around 85,000 of their closest friends to join them at the BIG RED HUSKER GAME yesterday at the University of Nebraska.  Sure a lot more then the 12-15 people who come to our house for HUSKER GAMES.   Ruthie and I didn't get to go.  We had to stay in the mud room all day but Mom and Dad left us toys to play with along with our nightly beds. Before Mom and Dad left though they took us on a run around the lake.  It was a first since we usually just walk around the lake on the weekends.  I heard Mom say that she wanted to run out our energy so that we would take a long nap when they were gone.  Ruthie slept most of the day but I got bored. 

Right before Mom and Dad left we helped them get Herbie Husker out.  He is differant then LITTLE RED.  Dad said this was the old maskot for the HUSKERS.   Little Red had to stay home.


The Great Excape - Little Red spotted at the Game
When Mom and Dad got back from the game they said they saw Little Red.  He must have hitched a ride and found his way to the game.  Mom and Dad checked on him in the garage when they got back and he was home,   They asked us if we let him out and Ruthie and I said "no"  We never left the mud room.

After we had dinner there was still more football to watch with Dad.  Ruthie and I like bonding with Dad.  I even gave Dad a high 5 !!


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