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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Up - Up & Away !!

I love this HOT - HOT weather most of the time !!  It means Ruthie and I get to go swimming just about every day.  Mom had her camera with her several times when we were out and finally got a picture of me flying off of the boat dock fetching a stick.  It is sooooo much FUN !!

GO !!

Mom and me only went out once this week for training because of the HOT temps.  We were going to go to an evening  baseball game - a first for me - on Thursday but with the temps still in the 90s we stayed home.  Mom said we would still go to one before I have to go back to college at KSDS. 

Mom bought some gentle tearless shampoo and dogie perfume for me since I have to take a bath before I go out for training moments.  I must admit I kind of have an odor about me but after Mom gives me a bath I smell like vanilla.   I take my baths outside now and the cool water feels sooooo good.   I feel a little naked with my hair all trimmed off after my trip to the groomers last week but it sure does feel cooler.  Mom said it will grow back by the time cooler weather sets in.

Mom worked in her office a lot this week.  She told Ruthie and I she needed to catch up on her office work.  Mom does Dad's books for his business.   I like watching the birds out the office window.  Ruthie usually sleeps under Mom's desk.   If Mom spends too much time in the office Ruthie and I get bored and go out in the living room and play.  Our favorite game to play is tug-of-war.  After that it is All Star wrestling. 

Yesterday was the Lake's Annual Luau.  Mom said I would be going with them for a "Training Moment"   However, first we went on a long walk around the lake to burn up some energy.  There were lots and lots of people there along with music, fireworks and tempting food to scarf up on the ground.   I even got a dancing lesson with my two legged sister Aunna.  She said I was a better dancer than Mom.  We stayed out till late - past my bed time but it was sure fun.   I wish Ruthie could have come with us but Mom said only puppies in training could come. 

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Summer !!!

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